Central Committee Resolution Concerning Guiding Policies for the Construction of a Socialist Spiritual Civilization

(Passed on 28 September 1986 at the 6th Plenary Meeting of the 12th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party)

The 6th Plenary Meeting of the 12th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, according to the strategic policies of the Party’s 12th Party Congress concerning striving to construct an spiritual civilization construction at the same time as constructing a material civilization, as well as the spirit of the national Party congress of 1985, according to the requirements of our country’s complete reform and development, has reviewed and discussed the achievements of spiritual civilization construction in the past few years and the problems we face. The Plenum believes that, suited to new circumstances, further clarifying the guiding principles of Socialist spiritual civilization construction, strengthening work in this aspect, has a major and immediate significance and a long-term significance for guaranteeing the smooth development of the cause of Socialist modernization construction. Continue reading

Provisional Audio and Video Publishing Work Regulations

Audio and video publishing work is a component of the ideological and cultural front, and has an important function in our country’s socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization construction. In order to strengthen management over this undertaking and stimulate its healthy development, the following Provisional Regulations are formulated. Continue reading

Ministry of Radio, Film and Television Temporary Regulations on Copyright Protection of Audio and Video Publications

1: In order to protect the legitimate rights of authors, performers and sound and video publication work units (hereafter named audiovisual publication work units), to make the audiovisual publishing enterprises flourish and develop, and with the approval of the National Copyright Agency, these temporary regulations are formulated.

Continue reading

Notice concerning Conditions for the Examination and Approval of Newly Established Publishing Houses

State Publishing Bureau

After the Central Propaganda Bureau published the “Notice concerning Temporary Non-Examination and Approval of Newly Established Newspapers, Periodicals and Publishing Houses” on 9 August 1985, one year has passed, and our Bureau has basically ceased the examination and approval of newly established publishing houses. But following the further development of the science, technology and culture undertakings, there still are many requests to establish publishing houses. In order to implement the spirit of the Centre’s instructions concerning strictly controlling newly established publishing houses, our Bureau has drafted conditions and rules for the examination and approval of newly established publishing houses, and reported them to the Central Propaganda Department for approval. The following is hereby notified: Continue reading