Notice Concerning Establishment of an Examination and Projection Classification System for a Number of Films

MRFT No (1989)201, 25 March 1989

In order to implement the important guidelines of Central Committee Document No. NDC (1988)14 concerning the “necessity of establishing an examination grading films, formulating clear regulations concerning film works unsuitable for viewing by primary and secondary school students”, protect the mental and bodily health of widespread primary and secondary school students, it is decided to implement a classification system for a number of films. The concrete opinions are as follows:

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Notice concerning Further Strengthening Management over Foreign Film Coproduction

After the CCP Central Committee Secretariat and State Council Secretariat issued the notice “Some Central Propaganda Department Provisions concerning Strengthening Management over Foreign Coproduction of Films and Television Programmes” (ZBF No. (1985)49), the situation of implementation is basically good. In the last three years, our country has obtained clear achievements in the area of foreign coproduction of films and television programmes, which has had a vigorous function in stimulating international cultural exchange and launching foreign friendly cooperation.

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Regulations on the Legislative Procedure for Radio, Film and Television

GFZZ No. (1989)150

Chapter I: General Principles

Article 1: In order to ensure the scientization and standardization of radio, film and television legislation procedures, stimulate legislative work, and raise the quality of laws and regulations, on the basis of the relevant provisions of the “State Council Organization Law” and the “Provisional Administrative Regulation Formulation Procedure Regulations”, these Regulations are formulated. Continue reading

Notice concerning Reiterating Regulations on Internally Distributed Books

The Central Propaganda Department and the then State Publishing Bureau have made clear regulations concerning internal book publishing and distribution in the past. But, in recent times, a number of distribution work units and publishers have set up their own distribution departments, violating the regulations on internal book wholesale and retail, resulting in some internally distributed books flowing onto open distribution markets, creating a harmful influence on society, at the same time, it has also brought about confusion in book distribution work. In order to strengthen management over this work, the following regulations are hereby reiterated: Continue reading