Notice concerning Earnestly Interpreting the Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate “Regulations concerning Concrete Applicable Law in Adjudicating Criminal Cases on Obscene Goods”

27 July 1990, Administration of Press and Publications

The  “Regulations concerning Concrete Applicable Law in Adjudicating Criminal Cases on Obscene Goods” promulgated and implemented on 6 July 1990 by the Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate (hereafter simply named “Regulations”) are an extremely important judicial interpretation aimed at legal problems encountered during “sweeping pornography”, and have had a vigorous and profound influenced on correctly and forcefully attacking criminal activities of producing, peddling, disseminating and smuggling obscene goods, consolidating the achievements of “sweeping pornography”, further promoting the deep development of the “sweeping pornography” struggle, and strengthening the constant management of the book, newspaper, periodical and audiovisual markets. All localities and all departments must earnestly implement these provisions, fully give rein to the might of the law, and unwaveringly carry on the “sweeping pornography” struggle. Continue reading

Regulations concerning Concretely Applicable Law in Adjudicating Criminal Cases on Obscene Goods

6 July 1990

Supreme People’s Court, Supreme People’s Procuratorate

In order to accurately and powerfully attack crimes of producing, peddling, disseminating or smuggling obscene goods, hereby the following Regulations are made concerning the question of how to concretely apply the law when adjudicating criminal cases on obscene goods at present: Continue reading

Regulations concerning Newspaper Temporarily Increasing Sheets and Increasing Numbers

Administration of Press and Publications,

3 July 1990

It is a regular phenomenon in newspaper publishing that newspapers need to temporarily increase sheet numbers or number quantities because of special needs, but at present, the increase of sheets and numbers is relatively chaotic, for example, some newspapers increase sheets or numbers on their own accord without seeking approval, some use the provisional increase of sheets or numbers as an excuse to run “special issues” and engage in “paid-for news”, for the purpose of profit, some even publish two versions of the same newspaper, of which one is printed in relatively small numbers, in order to cheat readers and advertising customers, this creates a very bad influence on society. In order to strengthen management over the temporary increase of sheets or numbers by newspapers, hereby, the relevant matters are promulgated as follows: Continue reading