Provisional Regulations concerning the Management of Imported Foreign Television Programmes

Article 1: In order to strengthen management over imported television programmes, on the basis of our country’s Constitution and relevant laws and regulations, these Provisional Regulations are formulated.

Article 2: Imported television programmes as named in these Regulations, refers to special subject programmes, cartoon programmes, television dramas and film tapes bought, exchanged or received as gifts by our country from abroad and the Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau regions, for broadcast by television stations.

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Examination Standards Concerning Imported Foreign Television Dramas

Article 1: In order to learn from excellent foreign culture, stimulate Sino-foreign cultural exchange, enrich our country’s television screens, enhance the audiences’ understanding of the world, further serve the construction of a socialist spiritual culture and material culture, these examination standards are formulated.

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Some Regulations concerning Strengthening Clean Government Construction and Rectifying Harmful Sector Tendencies

GFJZ No. [1990]824

In order to implement the spirit of the nationwide telephone conference convened by the State Council, realistically rectify and correct harmful tendencies in the work units subordinate to the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, according to the policies and regulations of the Central Committee and the State Council, and our Ministry’s relevant regulatory systems, targeting some prominent problems existing at present, the following Opinions are formulated, all work units must strictly obey and implement them. Continue reading