Regulations Concerning Implementing Film Distribution and Screening Permits and Annual Examination Systems

25 January 1995

Ministry of Radio, Film and Televisions


Article 1: In order to strengthen film market management, guarantee lawful operation, promote the healthy development of film undertakings, stimulate the construction of a socialist spiritual civilization, according to the Central Committee Secretariat and State Council Secretariat (Notice Concerning Strengthening and Improving the Books, Periodicals, Film and Audiovisual Market Management (CCS No. [1994]19), these Regulations are formulated. Continue reading

Regulations Concerning Reforming Feature Film Shooting Management Work

5 January 1995

Ministry of Radio, Film and Television

In order to implement the “Patriotic Education Implementation Outline”, stimulate the construction of a spiritual civilization and the development of the “One of Five Project”, further deepen film structural reform, develop film productivity, make creation flourish, our Ministry decided to, from 1 January 1995, make the following reforms to feature film shooting management work:

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