Self-Regulation Convention for the Chinese Newspaper Sector

Article 1: General Provisions

In order to safeguard the good social image and common interest of our country’s Socialist newspaper sector, ensure that newspapers persist in the correct public opinion orientation, persist in the principle of “serving the people and serving Socialism”, persist in the lawful operation of the newspaper sector under the presupposition of guaranteeing the social interest, stimulate and protect fair, just and orderly competition inside the newspaper sector, oppose and resist unfair competition, stimulate the sustained, stable and healthy development of our country’s newspaper sector, all member work units have voluntarily signed this Convention, and undertake the duty of implementing all agreements made in this Convention. Continue reading

Provisional Radio and Television Mass-Participation Live Programme Management Rules

State Administration of Radio, Film and Television

GFBZ (1999)746

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio, film and television offices (bureaus), the three central stations:

Hereby, the “Provisional Radio and Television Mass-Participation Live Programme Management Rules” are issued to you, please obey and implement them.

2 December 1999

Article 1: In order to strengthen management over mass-participation live radio and television programmes, guarantee the correct orientation of radio and television propaganda, on the basis of the “Radio and Television Management Regulations” as well as the Central Propaganda Department and SARFT “Notice concerning Strengthening Mass-Participation Radio and Television Live Programme Management”, these Rules are formulated. Continue reading