Speech at the Ideological and Political Work Conference

Jiang Zemin

(28 June 2000)

At the eve of the 79th anniversary of the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party, the Centre has convened an ideological and political work conference, which is of important significance. In September last year, the Centre has issued Document 17, which has made deployments on strengthening and improving ideological and political work. The objectives of this conference are further getting a clear understanding of the circumstances faced by the ideological and political work, further clarifying the position of ideological and political work in the overall work picture of Party and State, further summarize the experience of ideological and political work, putting forward requirements and measures for strengthening and improving ideological and political work suited to new situations and new circumstances, mobilize the entire Party to ensure that ideological and political work is done more vividly and dramatically, and has realistic effects. Continue reading

Opinions concerning Launching a Special Campaign to Bring Electronic Gaming Business Venues under Control

GBF No. (2000)44

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Peoples Governments, all State Council ministries and commissions, all directly subordinate organs:

The Ministry of Culture, State Commission for Economics and Trade, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Foreign Economics and Trade, General Administration of Customs and State Administration of Industry and Commerce “Opinions concerning Launching a Special Campaign to Bring Electronic Gaming Business Venues under Control” has been approved by the State Council and is hereby transmitted to you, please earnestly implement them. Continue reading

Some Opinions Concerning Further Deepening Film Sector Reform

In order to deepen the implementation of the spirit of the 15th Party Congress, further make flourish and develop our country’s socialist film undertakings, satisfy the daily increasing spiritual and cultural needs of the people, strengthen film sector development vitality and vigour, some opinions on further deepening film sector reform are hereby put forward.

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