Internet Surfing Service Business Venue Management Rules

Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Culture, State Administration of Industry and Commerce

3 April 2001

Article 1: In order to strengthen the management of Internet surfing service business venues, stimulate the healthy development of Internet serving service activities, and protect the lawful interests of online users, on the basis of the provisions of the “Internet Information Service Management Rules”, the “Computer Information Network International Interconnection Security Protection Management Rules”, relevant laws and other administrative regulations, these Rules are formulated.

Article 2: These Rules apply to implement supervision and management of the opening, operations and use of Internet surfing service business venue within the borders of the People’s Republic of China.

Internet surfing service business venues as named in these Rules refers to commercial venues that provide Internet surfing services to the public through computers connected to the Internet (including surfing services provided by “Internet cafés”). Continue reading