Provisional Regulations on Party Discipline Punishments for Party Members in Radio and Television Broadcasting Organs Violating Propaganda Discipline

Article 1: In order to guarantee that radio and television propaganda persists in the principle of the Party nature and persists in the correct public opinion orientation, on the basis of the “Disciplinary Punishment Regulations of the Chinese Communist Party (Trial)”, the “Radio and Television Management Regulations”, the “CCP Central Propaganda Department and State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Opinions concerning Establishing a Warning System for Radio and Television Broadcast Organs Violating Discipline and Violating Regulations”, the “Professional Ethical Standards for Chinese News Workers”, the “Some Provisions concerning Prohibiting Paid-For News” and other relevant regulations, these Regulations are formulated. Continue reading

Notice Concerning Further Strengthening Social, Cultural and Life-Type Newspaper and Periodical Management

(XCB No. (2002)719)


All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus, general political and propaganda department press and publications bureau, the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Press and Publications Bureau: Continue reading

Implementation Regulations concerning Implementing the “Some Opinions Concerning Deepening Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television Sector Reform”

The Central Committee Secretariat and State Council Secretariat have transmitted the CCP Central Propaganda Department, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and General Administration of Press and Publications Some Opinions Concerning Deepening Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television Sector Reform” (hereafter simply named “Some Opinions”). At present, the nationwide press and publications sector is deeply studying the important “July 1st” speech of General Secretary Jiang Zemin, and bearing in mind the larger picture of press and publications work and the requirements of the “Three Represents”, deepening press and publications sector reform, and earnestly studying and implementing the “Some Opinions”, which is of importance in guaranteeing that reform persists in the correct orientation and obtaining even quicker development. On the basis of the requirements of the Centre, hereby, the implementation regulations for implementing the “Some Opinions” in the press and publications sector are formulated. Continue reading