Internet and Other Information Networks Audiovisual Programme Dissemination Management Rules

Chapter I: General provisions

Article 1: In order to standardize audiovisual programme dissemination through the Internet and other information networks order, strengthen supervision and management, stimulate the construction of a socialist spiritual civilization, these Rules are formulated. Continue reading

On-demand Radio and Television Broadcast Management Rules

State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Decree

(No. 35)

The “On-demand Radio and Television Broadcast Management Rules”  were adopted at the executive meeting of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television on June 15, 2004. They are hereby promulgated and shall come into force as of August 10, 2004.

SARFT Director: Xu Guangchun Continue reading

Provisional Internet Culture Management Regulations

(Promulgated on 10 May 2003 as Ministry of Culture Decree No. 27, revised on 1 July 2004 as Ministry of Culture Decree No. 32)

Article 1: In order to strengthen management over Internet culture, guarantee the lawful rights and interests of Internet culture work units, and stimulate the healthy and orderly development of our country’s Internet culture, on the basis of the “Internet Information Service Management Rules” and relevant State regulations, these Regulations are formulated.

Article 2: Internet culture products as named in these Regulations refers to cultural products that are produced, disseminated and circulated through the Internet, and mainly includes: Continue reading