Public Order Management Punishments Law of the People’s Republic of China (Excerpt)

People’s Republic of China Presidential Decree

(No. 38)

The “Public Order Management Punishments Law of the People’s Republic of China” was passed at the 17th meeting of the 10th National People’s Congress Standing Committee of the People’s Republic of China, on 28 August 2005, is hereby promulgated, and shall take effect on 1 March 2006. Continue reading

China Law Society Opinions concerning Further Letting Legal Research Flourish

(Passed on 11 August 2005 by the China Law Society Presidential Business Meeting)

The deep development of our Country’s Socialist modernization construction undertaking and international circumstances have deeply changed, and have provided a rare opportunity for the flourishing and development of legal studies, and have provided even higher requirements one the Law Society to organize the promotion of legal research work. We absolutely must strengthen a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission, from the heights of the overall picture of Party and State undertaking development, further raise the understanding of the importance of letting legal research flourish, innovate work mechanisms, perfect organizational structures, strengthen cooperative research, make the flourishing of legal research into a core work of the Law Society, realistically grasp matters closely and well, strive to promote our country’s Socialist legal studies to develop greatly, and provide powerful legal theory support for moving governing the country according to the law, constructing a Socialist rule of law country, and building a Socialist harmonious society forward. To this end, the following opinions are put forward. Continue reading

Notice concerning Further Strengthening Radio and Television Channel Management

On 4 August 2005, SARFT issued the “SARFT Notice concerning Further Strengthening Radio and Television Channel Management” to all provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio and television bureaus (offices), the “Notice” pointed out that, since recent times, the phenomena of covert rental and transfer of radio and television channels and frequencies, timeslots and columns (hereafter jointly named channels) had appeared in some radio stations and television stations, which resulted in the weakening of propaganda editing powers and commercial control, and influenced radio and television propaganda security and operational order. In order to adapt to the requirements of dynamic development, further strengthen radio and television channel management and realistically guarantee the healthy and orderly development of radio and television, the following is notified: Continue reading