Public Security Bureau, National Copyright Administration Temporary Regulations Concerning Strengthening Cooperation and Coordination in the Attack Work on Unlawful and Criminal Copyright Infringement

Promulgated on 26 March 2006

Article 1: In order to strengthen the coordination and cooperation of Public Security organs and the copyright administrative management entities (hereafter named “both parties”), to severely attack unlawful and criminal acts of copyright infringement, to protect the copyright and related rights of the authors of literary, artistic and scientific works, and to stimulate the development and prospering of cultural and scientific enterprises, these Regulations are formulated in accordance with the “Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the “Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the “Regulations on Transfer of Suspected Criminal Cases by Administrative Enforcement Entities” and related laws and regulations. Continue reading

2006-2020 National Informatization Development Strategy

CCP Central Committee General Office and State Council General Office Notice concerning Printing and Issuing the “2006-2020 National Informatization Development Strategy”

ZBF No. (2006)11

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committees and People’s Governments, all Centre and State bodies’ ministries and commissions, all Liberation Army general headquarters, all large work units, all People’s Organizations:

The “2006-2020 National Informatization Development Strategy” has been approved by the Party Centre and the State Council, it is hereby printed and issued to you, please earnestly implement it in integration with reality.

CCP Central Committee General Office

State Council General Office

19 March 2006 Continue reading