Opinions concerning Strengthening the Supervision of Internet Mapping and Geographical Information Service Websites

GCTZ No. [2008]1

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Peoples’ Government, all State Council ministries and commissions, all directly subordinate organs:

Following the progress of satellite positioning technology, remote sensing technology, geographical information system technology and network technology, and development speed of mapping and geographical information services based on the Internet have, at the same time as providing conveniences to people’s work and lives, presented many problems that should not be overlooked. A number of work units and individuals have, in violation of the provision of relevant State laws and regulations, provided unauthorized Internet mapping and geographical information services without qualifications or approval, have published erroneous national maps, and indicated some geographical coordinate information that is sensitive, should not have been published or even involves State secrets. The emergence of these problems has gravely harmed the national interest and threatened national security. In order to strengthen supervision and management of Internet mapping and geographical information service websites, and with the agreement of the State Council, hereby, the following opinions are put forward: Continue reading