Notice Concerning Adopting Realistic Measures to Prevent False Reporting

XCBK No. (2009)920

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureau, the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Press and Publications Bureau, the Liberation Army General Political Propaganda Department Press and Publications Bureau, all departments and commissions of Central and State organs, all democratic parties, all controlling organizations of people’s organization periodicals, all central newspaper and periodical publishing work units:

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Television Drama Management Department Notice Concerning Standardizing Rebroadcast Management of Domestic Television Dramas from Before the Implementation of the Distribution Permit System

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio film and television bureaus (offices), CCTV, the PLA General Political Department’s Propaganda Division:

Since 1 November 1998, the State has implemented a distribution permit system for television dramas, and formulated provisions over television drama distribution and broadcast. Article 4 of the “Television Drama Examination Management Regulations” (SARFT Decree no. 40) thereafter clearly provides: “Television Dramas not having obtained the “Television Drama Distribution Permit”, may not be distributed, broadcast, imported or exported. In view of the fact that demand exists for the continued distribution, broadcast, export, etc., of television dramas of which the production was finished before the distribution permit system was implemented, to standardize management, hereby, the following is notified: Continue reading

Notice Concerning Distribution of the “Audiovisual and Electronic Publications Celebrating 60th Anniversary of the Founding of New China Major Catalogue”

General Administration of Press and Publications Document

PPD No. [2009]243

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus, Liberation Army General Political Department Propaganda Department Press and Publication Bureau, Central and State organs’ relevant ministries and commissions, democratic parties, people’s organizations’ publications controlling bodies, China Publishing Group Co., all audiovisual and electronic publication and production work units:

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SARFT Notice Concerning Strengthening Internet Audiovisual Programme Content Management

Recently, SARFT has issued the “SARFT Notice Concerning Strengthening Internet Audiovisual Programme Content Management” to all provincial, autonomous region and municipality radio, film and television bureaus, the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps radio, film and television bureau, saying that in order to strengthen network cultural construction and management, disseminate socialist advanced culture, resist vulgar tendencies in the Internet audiovisual programme area, solidly push forward Internet audiovisual programme construction, now the questions of strengthening Internet (including mobile Internet, hereafter simply named Internet) audiovisual programme content management are notified as follows: Continue reading