Notice concerning Strictly Standardizing the Market Order of Internally-Distributed Newspapers and Periodicals and Serial Internal Information Publications

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus, all newspaper and periodical controlling department of all Central Committee and State ministries and commissions, all democratic parties, all people’s organizations:

In 2003, all provinces (regions, municipalities) conducted a one-time complete clean-up and rectification of internally-distributed newspapers and periodicals, and serial internal information publications according to the requirements of the General Administration of Press and Publications, effectively curbing unlawful publishing, forced subscription and other unlawful activities in relation to internally-distributed newspapers and periodicals and serial internal information publications, the newspaper and periodical publishing and distribution market order has clearly turned for the better. Continue reading

SARFT Television Drama Department Explanation concerning the Situation of Cancelling the Administrative Examination and Approval Items of “Domestic Television Drama Planning Project Establishment Examination”.

According to the State Council requirements of unified deployment and administrative examination and approval system reform, on 23 August, SARFT has conducted wide investigation and research, and argumentation concerning the real situation of television drama cultural industry development, and has decided to, from 1 May 2006, cancel the previously existing “Television Drama Material Planning Project Listing Examination” administrative examination and approval items, and to implement the “Provisional Rules on Television Drama Filming and Production Filing Announcement Management” The relevant circumstances of implementing the “Provisional Rules on Television Drama Filming and Production Filing Announcement Management” are as follows:

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