Notice Concerning Issuing the Name List of the Second Phase Three Network Integration Trial Regions (Cities)

GBH No. (2011)164

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal People’s Governments, all State Council ministries and commissions, all directly subordinate organs:

According to the requirements of the “State Council Secretariat Notice Concerning Issuing the Three-Network Integration Trial Plan” (GBF No. (2010)35), on the basis of the voluntary applications of provincial (regional, municipal) People’s Governments, according to the conditions that trial regions (cities) shall have, with the approval of the State Council, the name list of the second phase of the three-network integration trial is fixed, and is hereby issues, relevant provincial (regional, municipal) People’s Governments and relevant State Council departments are requested to earnestly organize trial work. Continue reading

Some Provisions to Standardize Internet Information Service Market Order

People’s Republic of China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Decree

No. 20

The “Some Provisions to Standardize Internet Information Service Market Order” were passed on the 22nd Ministerial meeting of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China on 7 December 2011, are hereby promulgated, and take effect on 15 March 2012. Continue reading

Supreme People’s Court Opinions Concerning Some Issues in Fully Giving Rein to the Function of Intellectual Property Rights Adjudication in Promoting the Grand Development and Grand Flourishing of Socialist Culture and Stimulating the Indigenous Economy and Coordinated Development

FF No. (2011)18


16 December 2011


In order to deeply implement the spirit of the 6th Plenum of the 17th Party Congress and the Central Economic Work Meeting, and the requirements of the “12th Five-Year Plan” outline, fully give rein to the function of intellectual property rights adjudication in promoting the grand flourishing and grand development of Socialist culture and stimulate the accelerated transformation of economic development methods and the economy’s indigenous and coordinated development, the following opinions are put forward concerning related issues:

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Some Beijing Municipal Provisions on Microblog Development and Management

The Beijing Municipal People’s Government Press and Publications Office, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Beijing Municipal Communications Management Bureau and Beijing Internet Information Office have formulated “Some Beijing Municipal Provisions on Microblog Development and Management”, which are promulgated on 16 December 2011, and take effect on the day of promulgation. Continue reading

State Council publishes Draft Film Promotion Law

The State Council has issued the opinion-seeking draft for the Film Promotion Law (电影促进法) that has been on the cards for some time. It’s quite a long document, but I’ll make a translation available soon. Content regulation is further tightened, as the new law outlaws resistance against the constitution and promotion of religious fanaticism. At the same time, the draft states it is aimed to lower barriers to market access and benefit market subjects, provide structured support to the film sector and standardize the film market.

Film Industry Stimulation Law of the People’s Republic of China (Opinion-Seeking Draft)

Chapter I: General Principles

Article 1: In order to stimulate the flourishing and development of the film industry, enrich the popular masses’ spiritual cultural life, raise the ideological and moral quality and the scientific and cultural quality of citizens, this Law is formulated.

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State Council Legal Office Explanation Concerning Public Opinion Seeking on the “Film Industry Stimulation Law of the People’s Republic of China (Opinion-Seeking Draft)”

In order to further strengthen the openness and transparency of legislation, and raise the quality of legislation, the State Council Legal Office has decided to publish the  “Film Industry Stimulation Law of the People’s Republic of China (Opinion-Seeking Draft)” (hereafter simply named “Opinion Seeking Draft”), to solicit the opinions from all walks of society. Hereby, relevant issues are explained as follows:

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