Speech at “The Road to Rejuvenation”

Xi Jinping

29 November 2012

We just visited the exhibition “The Road to Rejuvenation”, this exhibition reviews the yesterday of the Chinese nation, displays the today of the Chinese nation, and announces the tomorrow of the Chinese nation. After I saw it, I had many thoughts and feelings, it brings deep education and enlightenment.

The yesterday of the Chinese nation can well be called “an impregnable pass like a wall of iron”, this nation of ours suffered very gravely after the beginning of the modern era, it made enormous sacrifices, such as been rarely seen in the history of the world. But because the Chinese people have never surrendered, and incessantly rose with force and spirit to resist, we grasped hold of our own fate in the end. We began the magnificent process of arranging the construction of our own country. This has fully displayed the magnificent national spirit with nationalism at the core. Continue reading

Internet Instructions – June 2006 (II)

11 June 2006, 15:00, Network Management Office, Duty manager

Concerning the matter of the Beijing Vice-mayor Liu Zhihua, water it down, only reprint Xinhua copy, do not change titles, do not put it on main pages of websites and the important news sections of websites, do not set up special subject sections, do not make corresponding links, do not set up commentary trackers, it may be put in the lower part of the domestic news section in the news centre. Forums, blogs, trackers and other interactive segments are not to post or discuss this, do not send short messages. Continue reading

Internet Instructions – June 2006 (I)

1 June 2006, 10:27, Chen Hua

Please use the Xinhua Net text “Wang Xiaochu: Network Operators Must Always Keep the Relationship Between Civilization and Money in Mind” (link: http://news.xinhuanet.com/it/2006-05/31/content_4628229.htm) to replace the text “Minors Network Pulse Project Started” in the special subject section on “initiating the wind of network civilization”, please acknowledge receipt! Continue reading

Internet Instructions – May 2006 (III)

22 May 2006, 14:00

Everyone, 1: Guangdong Province will deal with the relevant responsible persons of the grave illegal incident of 6 December in the Shanwei Red Bay Open Economic Zone where a small number of people incited villagers to beat, smash and loot a wind power station and violently attack law enforcement cadres and police, and open the court session to try relevant troublemakers. On this matter, the main Guangdong Provincial newspapers, Southern News Network, Jinyang net, Dayang net and Shenzhen News Net will respectively on 24 and 25 May issue relevant information. Apart from the abovementioned media, other regional website are not to reprint or report relevant information without exception, it is also not to be discussed on forums, blogs, trackers and other interactive segments. Continue reading

Internet Instructions – May 2006 (II)

12 May 2006, 23:40, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Chen Hua

Everyone, this has been notified in the afternoon, and is now stressed. When reprinting articles criticizing the “No Worries” theatre group’s destruction of the environment, do not reprint articles linking this matter with Chen Kaige’s participation in the 2008 Olympic opening ceremony, websites may not report or track netizens’ name-signing activities concerning this matter. All articles and pages that are inconsistent with the above requirements must be speedily removed. Continue reading

Internet Instructions – April 2006 (I)

3 April 2006, 8:55, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Fan Tao

Please timely reprint this in the important news section of the News Centre: “Disaster Precaution and Emergency Response Handbook” is given to urban residents, mayor Wang Qishan delivers a speech, http://beijing.qianlong.com/3825/2006/04/03/2442@3089383.htm. This city will freely issue the handbook on disaster precaution and emergency response to urban residents, http://www.beijing.gov.cn/rdgz/t341408.htm. Please acknowledge receipt, thank you. Continue reading

Internet Instructions – March 2006 (I)

9 March 2006

Concerning reports on the reform of the Beijing Qianmen area, please do not reprint matters, where they are already reprinted, please immediately delete them. Forums are also not to discuss this matter.

Reports on the university student Wu Yujie being imprisoned for engaging in ticket scalping activities, are not to be discussed. Please acknowledge receipt, thank you. Continue reading

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National “12th Five-Year Plan” for Philosophy and Social Science Research (2011)

Opinions concerning Strengthening and Improving Propaganda and Ideology Work, and Even Better Serving Economic Construction and Reform (1992)

Notice concerning Conducting Clean-Up, Rectification and Re-Registration of Newspaper (Periodical) Journalist Stations (1990)

General Administration of News Decision concerning Improving Newspaper Work (1950)

Internet Instructions – February 2006

28 February 2006

Please remove the report “Drunken Police Officer in Fushun, Liaoning, Who Beat Taxi Driver to Death and Threw Body into the Wild Convicted to Death” to the back stage tomorrow.

Concerning the matter of business proprietor rights defence in Huanan New City, Guangzhou, if there is harmful information inciting mass incidents in forums, please delete it. Continue reading

Internet Instructions – January 2006

26 January 2006

1: On the basis of the opinions of relevant departments and localities, concerning the matter of Golden Trust Credit ceasing business for rectification, networks are only to use Xinhua or People’s Daily copy, do not use information from other sources, do not set up special subjects, close news tracker, do not organize online discussion. Management over forums, news trackers and other interactive columns must be strengthened. Continue reading

Internet Instructions – December 2005

30 December 2005

1, Websites may not play up the case of Cui Yingjie in Guizhou, for relevant information, only Xinhua copy is to be transmitted, information from other sources may not be used, do not set up special subjects, those already set up must be immediately removed, it may also not be discussed in forums. Management over forums, news trackers and blog websites must be strengthened, timely block and delete attacks, rumour fabrication, incitement and all other harmful information. Continue reading