Latest Updates

Monitoring and Evaluation Standards for the Protection of Personal Information by Internet Enterprises (Chinese Law Association on Science and Technology, Peking University Institute for Internet Law, 2014)

Notice concerning Punishing Criminal Activities of Infringement of Citizens’ Personal Information According to the Law (Supreme People’s Court, Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security, 2013)

State Council General Office Notice concerning Establishing a Leading Group for National Informatization Work (State Council, 1999)

State Council General Office Notice concerning Establishing the State Council Leading Group for Informatization Work (State Council, 1996)

Latest Updates

Some Opinions concerning Forcefully Moving Informatization Development Forward and Realistically Guaranteeing Information Security (State Council, 2012)

Self-Discipline Convention for Internet Search Engine Services (ISC, 2012)

Ministry of Information Industry Notification concerning the Issuance of the “Detailed Rules on Internet Site Management Work” (MII, 2005)

Self-Discipline Norms for Internet Search Engine Service Companies on Resisting Obscenity, Sex and Other Such Unlawful and Harmful Information (ISC, 2004)

Self-Discipline Norms for Internet Sites Prohibiting the Dissemination of Obscenity, Sex and Other Such Harmful Information (ISC, 2004)

Latest Updates

Notice concerning Punishing Criminal Activities Infringing Citizens’ Personal Data (Supreme People’s Court et al., 2013)

Opinions concerning Strengthening the Supervision of Internet Mapping and Geographical Information Service Websites (MII et al., 2008)

Implementation Rules for the Central Committee Secretariat and State Council Secretariat “Opinions concerning Further Strengthening Internet Management Work” (SARFT, 2005)

Provisional Internet Publishing Management Regulations (GAPP, MII, 2002)

Internet Surfing Service Business Venue Management Rules (MII et al., 2001)

Notice concerning Strengthening Management over the Use of Internet Information in Publications (APP, 2001)

Announcement concerning Strengthening Management over the Dissemination of Radio, Film and Television-Type Programmes to the Public through Information Networks (SARFT, 1999)

Filing Rules for Major Special Subject Books, Periodicals, Audiovisual Products and Electronic Publications (APP, 1997)

Latest Updates

Five-Year Planning Outline for Central Intra-Party Regulation Formulation Work (2013-2017) (2013, CCP Central Committee)

Notice concerning Strengthening Management over Printing, Reproduction and Distribution (2013, GAPPRFT)

CCP Instructions to Peng Zhen and Others concerning Agreeing to Organize a Film Examination Committee in Beiping (1949)

Central Committee Notice concerning Establishing Distribution Departments (1939, Central Committee)

Central Committee Instructions to the Local Party concerning Party Newspapers (1938, Central Committee)

Instructions concerning Propaganda Content After the Establishment of the CCP-GMD Two-Party National United Front to Resist Japan (1937, Central Committee)

Latest Updates

Provisional Internet Culture Management Regulations (Ministry of Culture, 2004)

Provisional Internet Culture Management Regulations (Ministry of Culture, 2003)

CCP Central Committee Secretariat Notice concerning Strictly Implementing Relevant Rules on Editing and Publishing Speech Anthologies and Research Works on Major Party and State Leading Comrades (Central Committee, 1998)

Social Science Journal Quality Management Standards (Trial) (GAPP, 1995)

Notice concerning Issues related to Appraising Obscene Video Tapes and Obscene Images (GAPP, Public Security Bureau, 1993)

Notice concerning Further Strengthening and Improving News Documentary and Science Education Film Work Distribution and Screening Work (Excerpts) (Ministry of Culture, 1980)

Congratulatory Speech at the 4th Representative Conference of China Literature and Art Workers (Deng Xiaoping, 1979)

Latest Updates

Report concerning the Situation of Intellectual Property Rights Adjudication Work (Supreme People’s Court – 2012)

Notice concerning Doing Work Involving Internet Café Copyright Dispute Cases Well (Supreme People’s Court – 2010)

Opinions concerning Further Improving News Reporting on Meetings and Leading Comrades’ Activities (Central Committee Secretariat – 2003)

Decision concerning Strengthening Comprehensive Public Order Governance (Central Committee, State Council – 1991)

Provisional Regulations for Radio and Television Broadcasting Specialist Positions (Central Professional Title Reform Work Leading Group – 1986)

Latest Updates

GAPPRFT Spokesperson States that Control is Implemented Over Singing-Type Competition Programmes to Provide Rich and Varied Television Programmes to Audiences (2013)

Cai Fuchao Chairs Administration Training Class for the Party’s Mass Line Education and Practice Movement and Gives Speech (2013)

Publications Market Management Regulations (2011)

Rules on Rewarding Meritorious Persons Reporting “Pornography Production”, “Pornography Peddling”, Infringement, Piracy and Other Illegal Publishing Activities (2000)

Notice concerning Reiterating Provisions on Publishing Works of Lu Xun (1999)

Opinions concerning Publishing Works of Lu Xun (1996)

Opinion concerning Strengthening Management of and Further Running Newspaper “Weekend Editions” Well (1994)

Notice concerning that Newspapers Shall Abide by the Purpose of the Newspaper and Straiten Publishing Order (1993)

Notice concerning Strengthening Management over Newspapers Publishing “Weekend Editions” (1992)

Notice concerning Issuing Audiovisual Product Import and Publishing Permits (1991)

Notice concerning Collecting Imported Audiovisual Product Examination Fees (1990)

Regulations concerning Newspaper Temporarily Increasing Sheets and Increasing Numbers (1990)

Some Provisions to Strengthen Book, Newspaper and Periodical Printing Management (1989)

Notice concerning Conditions for the Examination and Approval of Newly Established Publishing Houses (1986)

Constitutional Outline of the Chinese Soviet Republic (1931)

Latest Updates

State Council Secretariat Notice concerning Printing and Issuing the Provisions on the Main Duties, Internal Structuring and Personnel Allocation of the State Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television (2013)

State Council Secretariat Notice concerning Firmly Suppressing Illegal Publishing Activities (1996)

Notice concerning Strengthening Examination and Approval Management of Internal Newspapers and Periodicals (1994)

Opinion concerning Strengthening Our Foreign Language Book and Periodical Distribution and Doing Foreign Propaganda Work Well (1993)

Notice concerning Some Issues in Determining and Suppressing Illegal Publications (1991)