Constitutional Outline of the Chinese Soviet Republic

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The First Chinese Soviet National Congress solemnly proclaims to the working masses of the entire world and all of China the fundamental tasks that it must realize in all of China, which is the Constitutional Outline of the Chinese Soviet Republic.

The realization of these tasks has already begun in the present Soviet regions. But the First Chinese Soviet National Congress believes that the completion of these tasks can only occur after the overthrow of the rule of the imperialist Guomindang in all of China and the establishment of Soviet Republic rule in all of China. Furthermore, only at that time can the Constitutional Outline of the Chinese Soviet Republic be concretized, and become the detailed Constitution of the Chinese Soviet Republic. The National Chinese Soviet Congress sincerely calls upon the working masses of peasants and labourers in all of China to struggle for the realization of these fundamental tasks in all of China, under the leadership of the Provisional Government of the Chinese Soviet Republic.

I, The task of the basic Law of the Chinese Soviet Republic lies in guaranteeing the labourer and peasant democratic dictatorship in the Soviet regions and its victory in all of China. The objective of this dictatorship is to eliminate all feudal remains, drive away the influence of the great imperialist powers in China, unify China, systematically limit the development of capitalism in China, drive the country’s economic construction forward, raise the unity of the proletariat and its level of consciousness, unite the broad poor peasant masses around it, in order to transform it into the proletarian dictatorship.

II, What the Chinese Soviet regime constructs is a democratic dictatorship country of the labourers and peasants. The entire political power of the Soviet belongs to the labourers and the peasants, the Red Army soldiers and all labouring masses. Under the Soviet regime, all labourers, peasants, Red army soldiers and all working masses have the power to appoint representatives to grasp the management of political power; only warlords, bureaucrats, landlords, despotic gentry, capitalists, rich peasants, monks, priests, all people who exploit others and all counterrevolutionary elements do not have right to send representatives to participate in political power or political freedoms.

III, The highest political power in the Chinese Soviet Republic is the plenary meeting of the National Soviet Congress of Labourers, Peasants and Soldiers, at times where the plenary meeting is adjourned, the Provisional Central Executive Committee of the National Soviet is the organ with the highest political power, People’s Committees are organized under the Central Executive Committee to deal with daily government affairs, promulgate all decrees and resolutions.

IV, Labourers, peasants, Red Army soldiers and all working masses in the territory of the Soviet regime and their family members are equal before Soviet law, without differentiation of sex, race (Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui, Tibetan, Mai, Li and Taiwanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, etc., in China) or religion, all are citizens of the Soviet Republic, in order to ensure that labourers, peasants, soldiers and the working masses truly grasp their own political power, the Soviet Election Law provides: all abovementioned Soviet citizens above the age of sixteen enjoy the Soviet right to vote and to be elected, to directly delegate representatives to participate in the plenary sessions of labourer, peasant and soldier congresses (Soviets) at all levels, to discuss and decide upon all national and local decisions; the method to represent production is to take the factories of industrial workers, and the regions inhabited by handicraft labourers, peasants and the urban poor as units; the Soviet representatives elected by this sort of basic unit have a certain term of office, the sort of representative who participates in the work of all sorts of urban or village Soviet organizations and committees must deliver reports to their electorate on time, the electorate has the right to recall the persons they elected and conduct new elections at any time. In order to ensure that only the proletariat can lead the broad peasants and labouring masses in marching towards Socialism, the Chinese Soviet regime gives special rights to the proletariat at times of elections, and increases the proportions and quota of representatives of the proletariat.

V, The Chinese Soviet regime has thoroughly improving the living situations of the working class as objective, it formulates a Labour Law, declares the eight-hour working day, formulates minimum wage standards, establishes social security systems and national unemployment benefits, and declares that workers have the power to supervise production.

VI, The Chinese Soviet regime has eliminating the feudal system and thoroughly improving peasants’ lives as objectives, it promulgates a Land Law, advocates the confiscation of all land of the landlord class, and its distribution to poor peasants and middle peasants, and has realizing land nationalization as objective.

VII, The Chinese Soviet regime has guaranteeing the interest of workers and peasants, limiting the development of capitalism, ensuring that the toiling masses are removed from capitalist exploitation and marching towards a Socialist system as objectives, it declares that it cancels all exorbitant taxes and levies from the era of counterrevolutionary rule, levies a uniform progressive tax, sternly suppresses all plots and schemes by Chinese and foreign capitalists to slow down work or destroy it, it adopts an economic policy that completely benefits the working and peasant masses, is understood by the working and peasant masses and marches towards Socialism.

VIII, The Chinese Soviet regime has thoroughly liberating China from imperialist oppression as objective. It declares the complete autonomy and independence of the Chinese nation, it does not recognize all political and economic privileges of imperialism in China. It declares that all unequal treaties concluded with counterrevolutionary governments are invalid, it denies all foreign debts with counterrevolutionary governments. Within Soviet areas, imperialist naval, land and air forces are not permitted stationing, the imperialist concessions and settlements are unconditionally reclaimed, the banks, customs, railroads, shipping, mines, factories, etc., that are in imperialist hands are nationalized without exception, at present, foreign enterprises are permitted to conclude new rental agreements and continue production, but they must abide by all Soviet government decrees.

IX, The Chinese Soviet regime has doing everything possible to bring about and guarantee the victory of the worker and peasant revolution in all of China as objective, it declares that supporting and participating in revolutionary class warfare is the duty of all toiling masses, it will especially formulate systems for universal military service duties, to shift from a volunteer army to a conscription army. The right to bear arms and participate in class warfare only belongs to the worker, peasant and toiling masses. Under the Soviet regime, the armed forces of the counterrevolution and all exploitation must be completely dissolved.

X, The Chinese Soviet regime has guaranteeing the freedom of the worker, peasant and toiling masses to speak, publish, assemble and form organizations as objective, it opposes bourgeois and landlord democracy, it advocates worker and peasant democracy, destroys the economic and political power of landlord and capitalist classes, in order to eliminate all obstacles in society fettering worker and peasant freedom, and uses the power of the mass regime to obtain printing organs (newspaper offices, printing shops, etc.), meeting venues and all other necessary equipment, to give to the worker, peasant and toiling masses, in order to guarantee that they obtain the material basis for these freedoms. At the same time, all counterrevolutionary propaganda and activity and all political freedoms of exploiters will be absolutely prohibited under the Soviet regime.

XI, The Chinese Soviet regime has guaranteeing the thorough implementation of women’s liberation as objective, it recognizes the freedom of marriage, implements all sorts of means to protect women, to ensure that women are really able to gradually obtain the material bases to separate themselves from the fetters of household duties, and to participate in the economic, political and cultural life of the whole society.

XII, The Chinese Soviet regime has guaranteeing the right of working, peasant and toiling masses to receive education as objective, within the scope permitted by the waging of class warfare, the implementation of completely free-of-charge universal education should be begun, first and foremost, it should be implemented among young toiling masses, guarantee all rights of young toiling masses, and vigorously guide them to participate in political and cultural revolutionary life, in order to develop new social forces.

XIII, The Chinese Soviet regime has guaranteeing the true religious freedom and practice of worker, peasant and toiling masses as objective, it implements the principle of absolute separation between religion and state, no religions can obtain any protection or funding supplied by the Soviet state, all Soviet citizens have the freedom of anti-religious propaganda, Imperialist churches can only be permitted to exist when they abide by Soviet laws.

XIV, The Chinese Soviet regime recognizes the right of national self-determination of ethnic minorities within the borders of China, it always recognizes the rights of all small nations to separate from China, and establish their own independent country. Mongolians, Hui, Tibetans, Miao, Li, Koreans and others who reside on Chinese territory have the complete right to self-determination: to accede to or separate from the Chinese Soviet federation, or establish their own autonomous regions. the Chinese Soviet regime will, at present, strive to assist these small nations in separating themselves from imperialist, Guomindang, warlord, aristocratic, lama, gentry and other oppressive rule and gain complete autonomy, the Soviet regime will also develop their own national culture and national language among these nations.

XV The Chinese Soviet regime grants the right to protection in the Soviet areas to revolutionary combatants from the Chinese masses as well as the world who are persecuted by reactionary rulers because of revolutionary activities, it assists and leads them to resume their fighting strength until the revolutionary victory.

XVI, The Chinese Soviet regime ensures that foreigners who reside in the Soviet areas and engage in toil enjoy all political rights provided by Soviet laws.

XVII, The Chinese Soviet regime proclaims that the global proletariat and oppressed nations stand on one revolutionary front with it, the country with proletarian dictatorship, the Soviet Union, is its firm ally.






















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