Manifesto for the Foundation of the China Youth News Journalists’ Society

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The War of Resistance can certainly be won, at the same time, the War of Resistance will cast away the corrupt elements of China, and brand new forces will gradually emerge in the process of the War of Resistance, this is our belief.

We are composed of journalists devoted to the news cause, who have a young spirit, we firmly believe that China, with its population of 450 million, where the ordinary circulation of the best-selling nationwide newspapers has not exceeded 200.000 per day, and where the circulation of important nationwide newspapers does not exceed a million per day, on average five hundred people can read one newspaper. Since the War of Resistance, following the loss of many regions to the enemy, even though the domestic masses’ demand for newspapers have become ever more urgent, newspaper circulation has not soared hitherto, domestic poverty and weakness on one hand points out the path for the infinite development of China’s news cause, and on the other hand indicates that the news cause in the War of Resistance still waits for special efforts.

Undoubtedly, the influence of news and propaganda work has an extremely important role in the War of Resistance, news and public opinion can strengthen confidence in victory in the War of Resistance, they can encourage bravery in the War of Resistance, can attack defeatist tendencies and can inspire valiant morale. But in our past nine months of war, the newspaper activities in our entire country have not fully been suited to the development of the War of Resistance, and the strengths of news have not been given satisfactory rein; generally speaking, the activities for the news cause have developed as the War of Resistance developed, conversely, there has even been a reduction in some areas.

We pay special tribute to the advanced members of news circles nationwide and their support for the news cause that is in such difficulties in the War of Journalism, at the same time, we send comfort to colleagues who brave dangers to work in fighting areas that have fallen and in battlefields, we apologise to soldiers and civilians who fight a grand and spectacular heroic War of Resistance on all battlefields, because we have not yet fully recorded and reported main heroic actions, and to the hundreds and thousands of killed compatriots, as we have not yet fully exposed the brutal acts of the Japanese.

Naturally, the improvement of the news undertaking waits for efforts in all areas of the economy and culture, even so, in order to remedy the present flaws in news work in the War of Resistance, for the sake of comrades who have lost their positions, and in order to successfully train a large batch of complete news cadres in order to deal with the needs of the cause of news, we cannot but stand up and organize, we cannot but hurry to combine our strengths, strengthen our self-education and intensify self-assistance.

We know that our strengths are very weak, but our cause has high aspirations, we are willing to do everything for the cause of news, sincerely accept guidance from all sides, we especially welcome the cooperation of even broader young comrades.









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