Central Committee Instructions to the Local Party concerning Party Newspapers

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Because the Party was under circumstances in which it worked secretly for a long time in the past, it was not possible to publish nationwide Party newspapers, because of this, it was only possible to rely on secret mimeographed publications to disseminate the Party’s various policies, which had the result that comrades did not understand Party newspapers. Under today’s new circumstances, the Party has established national Party newspapers and periodical, and because of this, those past concepts must be rectified, every comrade should give high regard to Party newspapers, read Party newspapers and discuss important documents from Party newspapers. Party newspapers report on all Party policies, and in the future, local Party [branches] must base themselves on the articles by major responsible comrades in Party newspapers and magazines, and research them as they are the Party’s policies and the Party’s work directions. The following sorts of articles in Party newspapers: (1) the editorials in the “Xinhua Daily”; (2) the articles by responsible comrades from the Central Committee Politburo in “Xinhua”, “Liberation” and “The Masses”, must be discussed and researched in the Party committees of branches at all levels.

All local Party [branches] shall exert all efforts to assist the “Xinhua Daily”, in order to strengthen the links between newspapers and the masses. (1) All branches shall have a “Xinhua Daily” copy, every comrade shall, as far as possible, subscribe to a copy of “Xinhua News”, and assist in sales and distribution. (2) Assist in building communications work. (2) Assist in the establishment of readers’ groups. All local Party [branches] shall make this notice known to every Party member in every branch, and discuss methods to concretely implement it.

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