Central Committee Notice concerning Establishing Distribution Departments.

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22 March 1939

In order to appropriately disseminate, allocate and sell all sorts of Party publications, unify leadership over all sorts of distribution organs, break through the bans and blockades of Party publications set up by die-hard elements in all localities, and research all sorts of experiences in distribution work, the Centre has hereby decided:

(1) From the Centre to county Party Committees, distributions are to be established without exception, when necessary, regional Committees shall also establish distribution departments, branch Committees are to have a secretary in charge of distribution, distribution departments at the local Committee level and higher may, apart from having a director and the necessary secretaries, appoint some people as inspectors, according to work needs.

(2) When necessary, it is permitted to establish distribution committees under distribution departments, which attracts the participation of responsible comrades from all sorts of distribution organs, and is chaired by the distribution department director, it is to regularly discuss all sorts of issues in distribution work.

(3) All levels’ Party Committees shall mobilize a batch of comrades who have experience in distribution work, to be put in sole charge of distribution work, and to pay attention to fostering cadres to undertake this sort of distribution work, their work should not be adjusted lightly, in order to ensure that they become specialized and well-trained.

(4) Distribution departments shall maintain close connections with responsible comrades in all sorts of communications organs under the leadership of this Party, after the latter receive publications submitted by distribution departments, they shall try their utmost to guarantee the speedy transmission of Party publications.

(5) All levels’ distribution departments shall, according to the various kinds of different environments, establish open, semi-open or secret distribution networks.

(6) All levels’ distribution departments are directly under the leadership of the Party Committee at the same level, but higher-level distribution departments shall regularly send instructions concerning their work to lower-level distribution departments and inspect their work, lower levels shall regularly send work reports to higher levels.

Original Chinese text to follow


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