Film Examination Law

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Article 1: All films, irrespective of whether they are produced in this country or abroad, may not be screened if they have not been examined and approved according to this Law.

Article 2: Films having one of the following circumstances, may not be approved.

1: Those harming the dignity of the Chinese nation.

2: Those Violating the Three Principles of the People.

3: Those jeopardizing decent customs or public order

4: Those advocating superstition and heresy.

Article 3: Film examination is handled by the Film Examination Committee.

The organization of the Film Examination Committee is determined by the Executive Yuan.

Article 4: For all films produced in this country or abroad, the possessor shall request the Film Examination Committee to examine it before distribution or screening of that film and submit a letter of application and a detailed synopsis, each in twofold, together with the film.

Article 5: The letter of application shall contain all following matters.

1: Film name and programme details, if it is produced abroad, the original name and translated name shall be jointly put down.

2: Number of reels, number of acts and length.

3: Film value.

4: Production date and location

5: The names, addresses and personal records of the producers and main performers.

6: The name, address and personal record of the applicant.

Article 6: Where the Film Examination Committee believes that in examined films, there are no circumstances as provided in Article 2, it shall immediately issue a screening permit.

Films produced in this county that have not passed examination and approval may not be exported.

Article 7: The film screening permit has a period of validity of three years, after the period expires, application for examination shall be made again.

If during the period of the previous item, the screening permit is damaged or lost, and application for reissue must be made.

Article 8: For films having a screening permit, when screening, the projector shall present it to the local education controlling authority, and may not collect fees.

Films when screening as in the previous item, if it is discovered that it exceeds the scope of the original permit, the local education controlling authority, apart from prohibiting screening, shall also request the Film Examination Committee to cancel the screening permit.

Article 9: Films having a screening permit, if changing name or programme details, shall re-apply for examination according to this law.

Article 10: The Film Examination Committee must send officials carrying inspection credentials, to film screening venues for inspection.

The officials as in the previous item, must request the projector to present the film copy and the screening permit.

Article 11: Those violating the provisions of this law, are punished with a fine of 3000 Yuan or less, to be determined by the courts after transferral by the Film Examination Committee.

Judgments as per the above clause may not be appealed in court.

Article 12: For the Film Examination Committee examining films, the examination fee is ten Yuan for every five hundred feet, films of less than five hundred feet shall be calculated as having five hundred feet,.

In all cases where separate request for examination shall be made as per Article 7 Paragraph 1, request for examination must be connected again, or films are submitted for another request for examination after not passing through examination, fees shall be doubled without exception.

Films produced in this country, when necessary, may be charged different examination fees according to the situation, but these may not exceed 100 Yuan per film.

Article 13: Implementation rules for this Law will be formulated by the Administrative Yuan.

Article 14: This Law takes effect on the day of promulgation.

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