Month: September 1943

Our Basic Viewpoint concerning Journalism

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Lu Dingyi

Dialectical materialism advocates that objects should be interpreted according to their true features, and no misconstruction, increase or decrease should be done. To put it bluntly: dialectical materialism is an honest doctrine, this means it is the doctrine of seeking truth from facts, and is the doctrine of science. Apart from the proletariat, other classes are unable to thoroughly and honestly understand matters, or they are simply not honest, because of their own narrow interest. Only the proletariat, because it is the most advanced productive class, is able to honestly understand matters, according to their true features and not misconstruing matters in any way, augmenting or depleting them in any way, not only is this the case, but also, it is able to oppose all dishonesty, and oppose all misconstruction. Read the rest of this entry »