Month: April 1948

Talk with the Editors of the Jinsui Daily

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Mao Zedong

2 April 1948


Our policy is not only that we must cause the leaders to know, and the cadres to know, we must also cause the broad masses to know. Issues concerning policy, generally shall be propagated in Party newspapers or periodicals. We are in the middle of conducting reform of the land system. All policies relating to land reform shall be published in newspapers and broadcast on the radio, enabling the broad masses to be able to know it. When the masses have learned the truth, and have found a common objective, they will become of one mind. This is the same as waging war, to wage war well, not only the cadres must be of one mind, but the soldiers must be of one mind as well. In the Shanbei army, after consolidation and airing grievances, the consciousness of the soldiers was raised, they clearly understood why they waged war, and how to fight, everyone spoiled for a fight, morale was very high, and once they went into action, they were victorious. When the masses are of one mind, all matters will be easy to run. The basic principle of Marxism-Leninism, is that we must make the masses understand their own interest, unite, and struggle for their own interest. The function and power of newspapers, lies in them being able to let the masses see the Party’s programme, line, principles, polies, work tasks and work methods in the fastest and broadest way. Read the rest of this entry »