CPPCC Common Programme (Excerpt)

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Art. 5: The people of People’s Republic of China have the freedom rights of thought, expression, publication, gathering, organizing, communicating, body, residence, movement, religious belief and demonstration.


Art. 41: The People’s Republic of China’s cultural education is to be a new-democratic, i.e. ethnic, scientific, mass culture education. The People’s Government’s cultural education work, shall take raising the people’s cultural level, educating State-constructing talents, eliminating feudal, corrupt and facist thoughts, and developing the thought of serving the people as main responsibilities.


Art. 44: It is recommended to use a scientifical view of history, in researching and explaining history, economy, politics, culture and international matters. Excellent social scientific works are to be rewarded.


Art. 49: The freedom to report true news is protected. It is prohibited to use news to engage in libel, destroy the interests of the State and the people and to incite world war. The people’s broadcast institutions are developed. The people’s publication institutions are developed, and stress on publishing common books and periodicals beneficial to the people.

第五条 中华人民共和国人民有思想、言论、出版、集会、结社、通讯、人身、居住、迁徙、宗教信仰及示威游行的自由权。

第四十一条 中华人民共和国的文化教育为新民主主义的,即民族的、科学的、大众的文化教育。人民政府的文化教育工作,应以提高人民文化水平、培养国家建设人才、肃清封建的、买办的、法西斯主义的思想、发展为人民服务的思想为主要任务。

第四十四条 提倡用科学的历史观点,研究和解释历史、经济、政治、文化及国际事务。奖励优秀的社会科学著作。

第四十九条    保护报道真实新闻的自由。禁止利用新闻以进行诽谤,破坏国家人民的利益和煽动世界战争。发展人民广播事业。发展人民出版事业,并注重出版有益于人民的通俗书报。

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