Month: January 1950

CCP Central Committee Decisions concerning Establishing a Propaganda Network for the Popular Masses in the Entire Party

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(1 January 1950)

I, At present, organizations at all levels of our Party overlook conducting regular propaganda work towards the popular masses, with the result that many mistaken and reactionary propaganda and rumours regularly circulate among the popular masses, these do not meet with timely, necessary and deadly attack by our Party, and the Party’s policies and positions have not been fully propagated and explained among the popular masses in a timely manner, because of this, great damage has been done to the undertaking of the people. At present, one of the main weak points of the Party’s propaganda work towards the popular masses is that all levels’ Party organizations often make it into a temporary work for a number of people, and have not set up the necessary structures to ensure it becomes a regular work of the whole body of Communist Party members, and that all levels’ Party committees provide systematic leadership and management. One of the duties of Communist Party members is that they must conduct propaganda towards the popular masses at all times and in all places, and go and educate the popular masses untiringly and with a revolutionary spirit, conduct and uncompromising struggle with all reactionary and mistaken ideologies and positions, enlighten and raise the consciousness of the popular masses. The fact that propaganda work towards the popular masses lacks regularity and organization will certainly hamper Communist Party members in effectively carrying out their duties in this regard, and cause that, when a number of Party members conduct work among the popular masses, they will easily be infatuated with dealing the popular masses with simple administrative ordering methods and not with persuasive and explanatory methods. The Party must resolve and eliminate this phenomenon, and strengthen propaganda work towards the popular masses. To this end, a regular propaganda network must be established for the people in a systematic manner, propaganda officers must be set up within every Party branch, announcers are to be set up in all levels’ leading Party organizations, and certain structures are to be established for the work of propaganda officers and announcers. Read the rest of this entry »