Month: April 1950

General Administration of News Decision concerning Improving Newspaper Work

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(Approved on 21 April 1950 at the 29th Administrative Meeting of the State Administrative Council, promulgated on 22 April 1950)

(1) To adapt to the situation that the entire country will progressively shift towards production and construction as central tasks, newspapers nationwide shall use the most important space to report the situation of the people’s production and labour, propagate successful experiences in production work, economic and financial management and lessons learned through mistakes, and discuss methods to resolve all these difficulties encountered in work. Newspapers’ news, reports, comments, letters, specialist or common supplements shall all serve this task as far as possible. In localities conducting land reform work, reports and discussions concerning land reports shall occupy the main position. Read the rest of this entry »


Central Committee Decision concerning Launching Criticism and Self-Criticism in Newspapers

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(19 April 1950)

(1) Drawing the popular masses to openly criticize flaws and mistakes in our works in newspapers and periodicals, and educating Party members, and especially Party Cadres to conduct self-criticism concerning these flaws and mistakes in newspapers and periodicals, has become even more important and important at present. Because at present, the war on the mainland has come to an end, our Party is now leading the regime of the entire country, flaws and mistakes in our work can easily harm the interest of the broad people, and because of the position of regime leaders, and the rise of the prestige of the leaders, arrogant emotions easily come about, refusing criticism and suppressing criticism within and without the Party. Because of the emergence of these new situations, if we cannot openly and timely launch criticism and self-criticism in the entire Party and the broad people concerning the flaws and mistakes of our Party’s People’s Government and all economic organs and mass organizations, we will be poisoned by grave bureaucratism, and cannot complete the task of establishing the New China. Because of these reasons, the Central Committee has hereby decided: to launch criticism and self-criticism concerning all flaws and mistakes in our work in all open sites, within the popular masses, and especially in newspapers and periodicals. Read the rest of this entry »