Month: May 1950

Report at the News Work Conference in the South-western Region

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16 May 1950

Deng Xiaoping

Picking up the writing brush is the main method of exercising leadership. Leading comrades must learn how to pick up the writing brush. Having conferences is a sort of leadership method, it is necessary, but the people coming to conferences are always small in number, even if a large report is made, there still will be only a few hundreds listening. Specific talks are also a leadership method, but it can only be “specific”. The broadest way of realizing leadership is using the writing brush. Using brushes to write things out and disseminate them is broad, and through writing, ideologies are refined, and become relatively thorough. Therefore, using the brush to lead is the main method of leadership, this is what Chairman Mao told us. All those who have not yet learned it should learn how to write, those who can write, but not proficiently, must slowly become more proficient

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