CCP Central Committee Instructions concerning Conducting Propaganda on Current Affairs Nationwide

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(26 October 1950)

All Central bureaus, all branch bureaus, all military regions, all provincial and municipal committees:

The American army has expanded its invasion of Korea and has directly invaded Taiwan, this severely threatens our country’s national security, our country cannot ignore this. In order to ensure that the whole body of the people correctly understand the present circumstances, firmly establish confidence in victory, and eliminate the mentality of fearing America, all localities shall promptly launch propaganda activities concerning current affairs. In propaganda, attention shall be paid to the following matters:

I, The basic content of propaganda is twofold: (1) our country cannot ignore the expansion of the American army’s invasion of Korea; (2) the people in our entire country shall have a unanimous understanding of and viewpoint towards American imperialism, persist in eliminating pro-American reactionary ideologies and mistaken mentalities of fearing America, and universally cultivate an attitude of hatred, disdain and scorn towards American imperialism.

II, In order to correctly understand the relationship of the Korean situation and China, it should be explained that: (I) speaking from the Chinese side, China and Korea are mutually dependent, America’s invasion of Korea is inseparable from aggression against China. (1) America openly invaded Taiwan, at the same time as initiating an invasion of Korea, and has continuously bombarded and strafed our Northeastern border. (2) America has ignored our country’s warnings and the suggestions of the Soviet Union, but brazenly infringed upon the 38th parallel and directly aims for the Sino-Korean border. (3) Documents captured by the North Koreans and other aspects prove that America has plotted and planned to further occupy our country’s Northeast after capturing Korea. (4) This sort of plan of America is cut from the same cloth as the earlier history of Japan in invading China, Japan invaded Korea and Taiwan as a first step, invaded the Northeast as a second step, and invaded the whole of China as a third step. Because of all of this, for the sake of our national security, we cannot ignore the American army’s invasion of Korea. (II) Speaking from the Korean side, the Korean People’s Army’s retreat after a strong American army landed in Incheon was inevitable and necessary, but the Korean people’s struggle to oppose America is still being continued, through protracted and correct efforts, it will be shifted into a counterattack. Under these circumstances, our country’s support for the continued struggle of the Korean people has an important significance, and the continued struggle of the Korean people also has an important significance for our national security. (III) If America dares to let a global war break out at this time, its defeat will be even more thorough, because the American military preparations have not yet been completed at this time, and the forces of the peace camp are larger than the forces of America and England. We want peace, we do not want war, but we cannot allow America to invade the Sino-Korean border and ignore that.

III, In order to correctly understand America, it shall be explained that:

(I) America is the enemy of China. Looking at the present: (1) America has brazenly invaded our country’s province of Taiwan. (2) America has brazenly bombarded and strafed our Northeastern compatriot, (3) America has ignored our country’s warnings, has brazenly expanded its invasion of Korea, and has attacked the Sino-Korean border. (4) America has brazenly continued to assist the bandit gang of Chiang Kai-shek. (5) America does not let our country participate in the United Nations, the Security Council and the Allied Commission for Japan. (6) America supports and arms the Japanese reactionary clique, and vigorously prepares to make individual peace with Japan. (7) America leads all imperialist countries to jointly oppress and surround our country diplomatically and militarily. (8) America conducts all sorts of special operations and destructive activities inside our country. Historically speaking, America has always attacked our country, for example: (1) In 1844, it concluded the Wanghia treaty with the Manchus, which initiated extraterritoriality and clauses on equal sharing of benefits, afterwards, it successively concluded many unequal treaties. This proves that America engaged in political aggression against China before. (2) In 1862, it assisted the Manchus in suppressing the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, and in 1872, it attacked Korea (at that time, a vassal state of China), in 1873, it attacked Taiwan, in 1900, it participated in the Eight Nation Army that attacked China. This proves that America has engaged in military aggression against China before. (3) In 1917, the Lansing-Ishii agreement recognized Japanese privileges in China, the 1918 Paris Peace Conference recognized Japan’s succession to the German privileges in Shandong, the May Fourth movement was caused by this. (4) In the case of the massacre on 30 May 1925 and the Xiaguan massacre of 1927, it participated in the butchering of Chinese people. (5) During the decade of civil war after the defection of Chiang Kai-shek, it vigorously assisted Chiang Kai-shek in butchering and oppressing the Chinese people, and controlling Chinese politics and the economy. (6) During the period of Japanese aggression against China, it provided large amounts of military assets to Japan. (7) After the Japanese surrender, it vigorously invaded China, concluded Sino-American commercial treaties, and schemed to change China into an American colony. (8) After the Japanese surrender, it vigorously assisted Chiang Kai-shek in launching attacks on the people and the counterrevolutionary civil war, in which thousands and thousands of Chinese were killed.

(II) America is the enemy of the whole world. (1) America is the headquarters of the enemies of peace and the international war of aggression. The big American capitalists have making murder money as their business, their aggression covers the five continents, they vigorously prepare for and play up a third World War, they oppress the peace movement, and refuse a prohibition of nuclear weapons. (2) America is the enemy of democracy and the headquarters of fascist reaction. Domestically, America has become a fascist world of terror, its spies rampage, apart from big capitalists and their lapdogs, the American people have no freedom of speech, publication, assembly and association. In all colonies controlled by America, America is doing its utmost to prop up the sort of bloody despot like Chiang Kai-shek and Syngman Rhee. In all capitalist countries manipulated by America, America is doing its utmost to simple the fascistization of their politics. (3) America is the enemy of culture and the headquarters of human spiritual degeneration. American rulers compel science, art and religion to serve imperialist aggression, science is not used for construction but is used for war, art does not advocate progress but plays up degeneracy, religion does not participate in peaceful activities but participates in espionage activities. The American ruling class uses intimidation and bribery to destroy the moral concepts of the people, American aggressors in Korea and other places are savage, and not different from Hitler or Tojo.

(III) America is a paper tiger. Although America spares no efforts to obtain a temporary victory in the young and small Korea, this is only equal to Chiang Kai-shek occupying Yan’an, in the end, they must still lose, they still are paper tigers. America is not only isolated politically, it also has severe military weaknesses: (1) its front is too long, it is attacked front and rear, its front stretches from Western Europe to Eastern Asia, it exceeds Hitler and Japan. (2) Its rear is too far, it must cross the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, in contrast to Hitler and Japan. (3) Its morale is not high, its actual combat experience is insufficient and its fighting strength is weak. (4) The allies are not strong, Western Germany and Japan have not yet been armed, England, France, Italy and other countries have become non-military strong countries. (5) Under this sort of circumstances, the superiority of American resources cannot but be limited and neutralized, and after its defeat in Western Europe, it will lose this sort of superiority. (6) Nuclear weapons are not held by America alone now, and they cannot decide victory or defeat in war. The broader the territory, the less concentrated the population, and the smaller the function of nuclear weapons.

IV, The propaganda methods must mainly be internal discussion in all organs, groups, schools, factories and troops. Before the beginning of discussion, responsible cadres should convene cadres inside and outside of the Party in a meeting and make a systematic report, afterwards, cadres respectively make reports in their subordinate departments, afterwards, discussion is organized. Concerning representative persons outside of the Party and patriotic elements among the national bourgeoisie, matters shall be talked through with them in advance, to ensure that their have a positive function in social public opinion. In discussion, the main discussion may start from the Korean problem, afterwards, it may shift to opposing pro-Americanism and the problem of fear of America. All persons should be encouraged to argue and discuss freely, in order to thoroughly resolve matters in their ideologies as much as possible, enable people to display vigour and confidence in assisting Korea, and not fear difficulties, display themselves to be absolutely irreconcilable with American imperialism, and ensure that pro-American and America-fearing emotions cannot find living space, just like the pro-Japanese or Japan-fearing emotions during the movement to oppose Japan. In order to help the conduct of discussion, all organs, groups, schools, factories and troops should produce large wall newspapers, old many special subject speeches, put up more relevant books and newspapers, and use appropriate real issues (such as opposing profiteering, speculation, treacherous rumours, espionage activities, etc.), organize neighbourhood propaganda, and initiate voluntary letter-writing to the People’s Liberation Army and the Korean People to express respect and determination, etc. In villages, concise and popular propaganda should be conducted in integration with the present work (such as strengthening local armament, suppressing counterrevolutionary activities, etc.) All localities’ literature and art circles and publishing circles should produce large numbers of all sorts of artworks and pamphlets, in response to propaganda needs.

V, In all propaganda, attention should be paid to protecting State secrets, and attention should be paid to preventing that espionage elements intentionally put forward intense slogans to create alarm among the masses and put us at a disadvantage. No responsible persons may talk about concrete methods and issues in assisting Korea, when they are asked about this, they may say that they believe the Central People’s Government will be able to decide upon correct policies, and that although we don’t know the content of Central policymaking, the people may put forward their own opinions. Until the Centre sends down new instructions, there should be more comments, information and letters published in newspapers that oppose American expansion of its war of aggression against Korea and Taiwan, and that oppose pro-Americanism and fear of America, as well as on strengthening national defence and public order management., concerning assistance to Korea, they are limited to publishing writing that expresses sympathy with and encourages the Korean people in their determined struggle, and confidence in winning the final victory.

VI, This document shall be speedily transmitted in detail to cadres and propaganda work personnel, please inform about important situations in all localities’ mass discussions.

Central Committee

26 October












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