Month: May 1951

Conclusion at the Nationwide Propaganda Work Conference

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23 May 1951

Liu Shaoqi


Our conference has already gone on for very long, there have been many meetings that I haven’t attended, and I have only looked at some of your minutes and the questions put forward by a number of comrades, I have seen that many questions that have been discussed have been already resolved, and I’d just like to say a few words on some important issues mentioned in them.

I, Appraising our Party’s past propaganda work, its successes and flaws. Read the rest of this entry »


State Administrative Council Instructions Concerning Xiqu Reform Work

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The people’s xiqu is an important weapon with democratic spirit and patriotic spirit to educate the broad people. Our country’s xiqu heritage is extremely rich, and has a close connection with the People, inheriting this sort of heritage and enhancing, is fully necessary. But in this sort of heritage, many parts have been used by feudal rulers as a tool to drug and poison the people; therefore, we must differentiate well good and bad, and select them, and on a new basis, transform and develop them, only then is it possible that they conform to the interest of State and people. Read the rest of this entry »