Provisional Periodical Registration Rules

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Article 1: On the basis of the provisions of Article 8 Clause 10 of the “Provisional Regulations on Managing the Book and Periodical Publishing, Printing and Distribution Sectors”, these Rules are formulated.

Article 2: Periodicals as named in these Regulations, are the following publications with writing or images, which are published continuously and openly distributed:

I, regular periodical publications other than news;

II, editorial publications that are publish in periodical form although not regularly published.

Except for periodicals published internally by organs, organizations, armed forces, schools and enterprises, those wishing to enjoy postal treatment as newsprint periodicals, must also conduct registration formalities according to these Rules.

Article 3: For all sorts of periodicals, the main responsible person shall, before distribution, apply for a letter of registration and an application for registration form from the local administrative publishing organ, fill this out truthfully item by item, and apply for registration, only after the receiving administrative publishing department reports this to higher authorities for examination and approval, and registration certificates are issue, may periodicals be distributed.

Article 4: During the period of holding a certificate of registration, apart from conducting management according to the “Provisional Regulations on Managing the Book and Periodical Publishing, Printing and Distribution Sectors”, all following provisions shall also be observed:

I: every number shall carry the number of the registration certificate (single sheets print this under the periodical name, bound volumes print this on top of the back cover, close to the spine);

II every number’s colophon shall carry the names of the publisher and editor (chief editor) and the addresses of the editing, printing and distribution offices;

III, one month before expiry of the registration certificate, an application for exchange of the registration certificate or extension of the period of validity of the original registration certificate shall be made;

IV, when a registration certificate is lost, an application shall be made for replacement;

V, when there are circumstances such as mergers, transfers, change of name or change of publisher and editor, and other circumstances, an application for registration modification shall be made;

VI, When it is decided to cease the periodical, an application for registration cancellation shall be made, and the registration certificate is handed in for cancellation.

Article 5: In case of violation of the provisions of these Rules, all localities’ administrative publishing organs must present this to higher level organs for issuance of a warning, cessation of publication for a certain time, cancellation of the registration certificate and other punishments.

Article 6: After the promulgation of these rules, all rules related to the registration of periodicals in provisional or trial newspaper and periodical (magazine) or press agency registration rules promulgated by all localities’ People’s Governments (Military Control Committees), are abolished without exception.

Article 7: Implementation regulations for these Rules are formulated separately by the People’s Government General Publishing Administration.

Article 8: These Rules are promulgated and interpreted by the Central People’s Government State Administrative Council.



第一条 依据“管理书刊出版业印刷业发行业暂行条例”第八条第十款之规定,特制定本办法。
第二条 本办法所称之期刊,为用文字或图画连续出版公开发行之下列刊物:
第三条 各种期刊发行前,应由主要负责人具函向当地出版行政机关领取申请登记书及申请登记表,逐项据实填明,申请登记;经受理之出版行政机关呈报上级机关核准并发给登记证后,方得发刊。
第四条 领有登记证之期刊,除按照“管理书刊出版业印刷业发行业暂行条例”予以管理外,并应遵守下列各项规定:
第五条 违反本办法之各条规定者,各地出版行政机关得呈准上级机关予以警告、一定时期的停刊或撤销登记证等处分。
第六条 本办法公布后,各地人民政府(军事管制委员会)所发布之报纸期刊(杂志)通讯社暂行或试行登记办法中有关期刊登记之办法,一律废止之。
第七条 本办法施行细则,由中央人民政府出版总署另订之。
第八条 本办法由中央人民政府政务院公布施行。



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