Decision concerning Establishing a Film Screening Network and a Film Industry

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In order to ensure that film is suited to the requirements of our country’s economic and cultural development, give even greater rein to its function in educating the broad masses, and satisfy the masses’ daily increasing cultural requirements, the film screening undertaking must be developed in a planned and gradual manner, in order to progressively ensure that a film screening network is established on a nationwide level. Since four years, film screening work has developed rapidly, screening work units are increasing rapidly in quantity and the number of spectators rises every year, which has proven the importance of film in the cultural lives of the masses every day. But in terms of the nationwide scope, the quantity of screening work units remains low, and distribution is uneven, in many localities, the people cannot see films for a whole year, and the demand for films from the labouring masses is extremely pressing. All levels’ cultural controlling departments lack regular leadership and management over screening work. Film production and distribution work has not guaranteed film supply and rational turnover well. At the same time, it has not been able to select films according to different audience targets very well. The political quality of screening teams and screening technology has not reached the required levels. In order to strengthen film distribution and screening work in the future and steadily establish a nationwide film screening network, and to progressively establish a film industry suited to this, the following has been decided:

(1) The guiding principles for film screening undertaking development are first and foremost faced at industrial and mining regions and second faced the countryside; in small cities and the broad countryside, developing mobile screening times is the most important. annual and regional screening work unit development plans should be formulated on the basis of objective and subjective realistic conductions and the situation of unbalanced development in the various regions, and the numbers for development plans in the next four years generally fixed. development should be vigorous and steady on the basis of integrating and consolidating existing screening work units; avoid and overcome the phenomena of blind development without taking conditions into consideration and not consolidating the beginnings of development.

(2) Strengthen film screening work management, fully give rein to the effect that screening work units should have. The Central Ministry of Culture Film Department should first and foremost complete film screening management organs, realistically grasp the nationwide film screening undertaking development plan and management plan, and supervise implementation. Formulate technological rules and raise screening quality. All provincial (municipal) People’s Government culture controlling departments should strengthen and establish special organs or special personnel for film screening management and formulate development plans and management plans for the screening undertaking in the entire region on the basis of concrete local conditions. Provincial cultural controlling departments should stress management of mobile screening team work in the whole region; plan the regions for screening team activities, respectively hand matters over to prefecture or county cultural controlling departments for direct leadership on the basis of concrete circumstances, formulate screening team work days and work systems, regularly inspect and guide screening teams’ work; regularly organize training for screening personnel, and let districts or counties strengthen their regular political and ideological education. City cultural controlling departments should stress cinema management work.

In order to guarantee the repair and supply of parts of projectors, all six administrative areas shall establish repair plants, all provinces shall establish repair stations, to timely repair projectors or provide spare parts.

Screening work units in the labour union system shall be managed by themselves by special organs established by all levels’ labour unions, but their development plans, management plans, etc., shall conform to the uniform provisions of the government culture controlling department’s film screening management organs. Screening work units in the army system are led by the People’s Liberation Army General Political Department.

(3) Strengthen and improve film distribution work, under the system of China Group Film Distribution Co., complete and improve all provincial distribution organ, in order to suit the needs of film screening undertaking development, guarantee the timely provision of necessary films to screening teams and cinemas; select films on the basis of different target audiences and especially screening programmes for peasants must be easy to understand; strengthen the extent of planning in film distribution, strengthen film management, protection and inspection systems, strengthen film circulation, fully give rein to the use value of every copy. Strengthen propaganda and explanation work around film content, and film propaganda materials should especially timely be supplied to rural screening teams.

(4) Film screening teams should progressively realize enterprise management, and must achieve a decrease in State subsidies year after year; but in border regions, ethnic minority regions and some regions with few people and little land, where communication is inconvenient, advance must take place steadily, on the basis of real conditions, avoid acting with undue haste. Film distribution organs and State-run cinemas must completely implement enterprise transformation, improve business management systems, and must hereafter not only be self-sufficient, but also gradually achieve profit and turning this over to higher authorities.

(5) In order to supply projectors needed to develop the film screening undertaking, progressively unify nationwide projector specifications, so as to raise the quality of screening technology and ensure the complete self-sufficiency of film projectors in the future, a film projector production must be established. Within two years, the expansion and reconstruction work of the two existing projector production plants should be completed, enabling the production of the newest large-scale and small-scale projectors, it is provided that the highest annual output of large-scale projectors is 280 and of small-scale projectors is 2500, and the relevant industrial departments cooperate in the production of generators, amplifiers and other main auxiliary equipment needed by production teams.

(6) In order to supply large amounts of copies needed by film screening work units, the present manual film development method must be changed into machine development, a modern film development plant should be completed within two to three years, to ensure that annual film development capacity meets nationwide demand.

(7) In order to ensure self-sufficiency for film tape and guarantee film production, the preparation and establishment of a film tape production plant must be stressed, strive to complete this and being production within five years, first and foremost, produce black-and-white film for use in large-quantity copy development, progressively increase production, afterwards, produce all sorts of film tapes and film boards, black and white, and colour. To this end, the Central higher education department and relevant industrial developments should assist the Central Cultural Ministry Film Bureau in supplementing and fostering machinery needed by the film industry and technological personnel in the chemical engineering area.

(8) According to the development requirements of the film screening undertaking, screening personnel should be trained in a planned manner, and special attention should be paid to attracting large numbers of educated youths from the worker and peasant elements. All administrative areas, and provinces and cities meeting conditions should organize training classes for screening personnel in a planned manner; film schools shall be responsible for fostering sufficient teachers to undertake this training work. Furthermore, existing screening personnel should also be trained, ensuring that they become excellent screeners, skilled in technology and devoted to their duty, and are propaganda staff having certain political levels.





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