Decision Concerning Dealing with Illegal Books and Magazines

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(Promulgated by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on 8 November 1955)


The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress discussed in its 21st meeting and 23rd meeting about the Provisional Books and Magazines Examination Regulations (Draft) put forward by State Council Premier Zhou Enlai, and thinks that all books and magazines in one of the following situations, are illegal: (1) those violating the people’s democratic dictatorship, violating the government’s present policies, laws and decrees; (2) those inciting discrimination or oppression against ethnicities or races, destroying the unity of all domestic ethnicities; (3) those obstructing diplomatic relations, violating world peace, propagating imperialist wars of aggression; (4) those divulging State secrets; (5) those propagating theft, obscenity, murder, arson and other criminal activities, damaging the people’s physical health, corrupting social morals and destroying public order; (6) others violating the Constitution, laws and decrees. All levels’ controlling authorities, after examination and verification, may present these for review and approval to the State Council, provincial or municipal People’s Committees or Autonomous Region’s autonomous organs, according to the illegal circumstances of these books and magazines, and respectively deal with them through ceasing publication, ceasing sale, ceasing rental or confiscation. Booksellers and bookstores selling or renting the above illegal books and magazines, with difficulties in life, may be dealt with through the means of purchasing or exchange. The provided Books and Magazines Examination Regulations will not be formulated for the time being.




(1955年11月8日全国人民代表大会常务委员会发布)  全国人民代表大会常务委员会第二十一次会议和第二十三次会议讨论了国务院周恩来总理提出的图书杂志审查处理暂行条例(草案),认为有下列情形之一的图书杂志:(一)反对人民民主政权,违反政府现行政策和法律、法令的;(二)煽动对民族和种族的歧视和压迫,破坏国内各民族团结的;(三)妨碍邦交,反对世界和平,宣传帝国主义侵略战争的;(四)泄露国家机密的;(五)宣扬盗窃、淫秽、凶杀、纵火及其他犯罪行为,危害人民身体健康,败坏社会公德,破坏公共秩序的;(六)其他违反宪法和法律、法令的,都是违法的。各级主管机关经过审查确实后,可以呈准国务院或者省、直辖市人民委员会、自治区自治机关,按照这些图书杂志的违法情节,分别作停止发行、停止出卖、停止出租或者没收等处理。对于出卖出租上述违法图书杂志的生活困难的书商书贩,可以采取收购收换的办法处理。所提图书杂志审查处理条例,可以暂不制定。


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