Month: March 1956

Some Opinions on Our Literature and Art Work

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8 March 1956

Liu Shaoqi


Whether or not people-run theatre troupes should be changed into government-run, requires research. As it is still uncertain, they will not be changed for the time being. But first, “republican classes” of a cooperative nature are undertaken, to be led by Party and Youth League members and positive elements. We must pay attention to improving internal relations, and implement reform through internal forces. First and foremost, we must use material benefits to stimulate their labour, and require the labourers to be concerned about their own labour from their material life. They may not be unconcerned about the results of their labour because they are State-run, as if it is all the same whether the audience likes it or not. Workers are concerned about the results of their work, this is an objective rule of Socialism. State-run theatre troupes shall also pay attention to and be concerned about the results of their own work. Second is dealing with actors, good actors’ wages must be a bit higher, and the wages of the less good ones a bit lower. The method of concluding contracts may be used. They have the right to sign contracts, and also have the right to refuse to sign contracts. “Home parties with hired performers” are the method of old society concerning theatrical companies. Now, no more “home parties with hired performers” are organized, because it looks down upon artists. Read the rest of this entry »