Month: May 1956

Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom, and a Hundred Schools Contend

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Lu Dingyi

(26 May 1956)

The director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chairmen of the Chinese Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles, Mister Guo Moruo, wanted me to come and talk about the Communist Party of China’s policies concerning literature and art work, and scientific work. The Chinese Communist Party advocates letting a hundred flowers bloom in literature and art work, and advocates letting a hundred schools content in scientific work, this has already been declared by `chairman Mao at the Supreme State Conference. To implement this policy, we already have some experience, but our experience is still very little. What I want to speak about today, is my individual understanding of this policy. Those coming to the conference today are all natural scientists, social scientists, medical scientists, literators and artists, there are Communist Party members, and there are also friends from all democratic parties and without party affiliation of any sort. You can naturally understand how important and significant this policy is to our country’s literature and art, and scientific research work, and to the work in which you engage. If my understanding is wrong in places, I hope everyone will not stint comment, making our common understanding develop smoothly. Read the rest of this entry »