Instruction concerning Literature and Art Work

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(12 December 1963)

Mao Zedong


Comrades Peng Zhen, Liu Ren,

In this matter, it can be seen that in all sorts of art forms – drama, quyi, music, fine art, dance, film, poetry, literature, etc., there are not a few problems, there are too many people, Socialist transformation has, in many department, seen but minuscule results so far. So far, many departments are dominated by “dead people”. Achievements in film, new poetry, folk songs, fine art and novels cannot be underestimated, but among those, problems aren’t few either. As for drama and other departments, problems are even greater. The Socialist economy has basically changed, art departments that are a part of the superstructure serving this basis, still have great problems. This requires setting about from research and adjustment, earnestly grasp it.


Many Communist Party members enthusiastically advocate feudalist and capitalist art, and do not enthusiastically advocate Socialist art, isn’t this absurd?





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