Month: January 1967

Provisional Instructions concerning Issues in Radio Stations

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All Central bureaux, all military regions, all provincial, municipal and autonomous region Party Committees, People’s Committees and levels’ Party Committees, People’s Committees, military regions and military sub-regions to which this is transmitted:

Under the leadership of Chairman Mao, the present Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution has entered a new phase. The proletarian revolutionaries are uniting, and have launched a massed struggle to seize power from a small handful of capitalist roader factions within the Party and die-hards who persist in the bourgeois reactionary line. Under these new circumstances, the Central Committee has issued a notice concerning issues in radio stations on 11 January 1967, and the following supplementary provisions need to be made: Read the rest of this entry »


Notice concerning Issues with Radio Stations

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Our radio stations are important tools of the proletariat dictatorship, in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, the revolutionary masses’ struggle with those factions marching the capitalist road who control the radio stations is completely correct and necessary. The Centre has decided: all radio stations where such situations occur, are to be subject to military control by the People’s Liberation Army, editing and broadcast of local programming is ceased, and only programmes from the Central broadcast stations are transmitted. Revolutionary masses who have already entered radio stations shall immediately withdraw, the capitalist roader factions in radio stations shall be handed over to the masses for struggle after leaving the radio stations. Leaders among the masses who have something to say, shall go to the middle of the masses, and listen to the opinions and criticism of the masses.

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