Provisional Instructions concerning Issues in Radio Stations

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All Central bureaux, all military regions, all provincial, municipal and autonomous region Party Committees, People’s Committees and levels’ Party Committees, People’s Committees, military regions and military sub-regions to which this is transmitted:

Under the leadership of Chairman Mao, the present Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution has entered a new phase. The proletarian revolutionaries are uniting, and have launched a massed struggle to seize power from a small handful of capitalist roader factions within the Party and die-hards who persist in the bourgeois reactionary line. Under these new circumstances, the Central Committee has issued a notice concerning issues in radio stations on 11 January 1967, and the following supplementary provisions need to be made:

(1) Persist in supporting that all provincial and municipal radio stations are grasped in the hands of the revolutionary proletariat, and become the joint mouthpieces of all provincial and municipal revolutionary proletarians.

(2) Where the revolutionary proletariat leftist factions cannot yet control the situation, and require protection from the People’s Liberation Army, the army shall immediately implement military control. During the period of military control, troops shall firmly support proletariat revolutionaries.

(3) Military control is a provisional and transitional measure. When proletariat revolutionaries are able to control the situation, military control shall end.

(4) During the period of military control, apart from transmitting programmes of the Central People’s Radio Station, local stations may edit some programmes themselves. These programmes must be voices reflecting the proletariat revolutionary rebel factions, they may not reflect the voice of capitalist roader factions, and may not reflect the voice of the bourgeois reactionary line.

Central Committee

23 January 1967










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