Central Cultural Revolution Small Group Notice concerning the Issue of Screening and Retrieving Poisonous Weed Films

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All provincial, municipal and autonomous region Revolutionary Committees (small planning groups), Military Control Commissions, all levels’ military regions, all revolutionary mass organizations.

Among the domestic and imported films that were distributed before the movement of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, not a few are poisonous weed films. These films must be earnestly cleaned up.

I, In all cases where no preparation for criticism of domestic and imported poisonous weed films, that were distributed and screened before the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, has been made, all departments, work units and mass organizations may not screen them without authorization.

II, Abovementioned films stored by all departments and all work units’ at present, are to be collected by the original department and submitted to the relevant leading organ to be sealed up, appropriately preserved and strictly controlled, and a detailed list is to be made up, which is progressively reported to the China Film Distribution Company for filing, await further instructions before handling, do not rent them out or screen them without permission.

III, All sorts of films stored by all mass organizations are to be retrieved by the local Revolutionary Committee (small planning group), Military Control Region, Military Sub-Region or the entrusted relevant department, a list is to be reported, await instructions before handling.

IV, Screening of poisonous weed films for criticism use should not be overly excessive, good criticism articles must be organized, and after criticism preparation work is completed, the film should be screened in the cities (they are generally not to be screened in the countryside). Masses watching the film shall pay fees according to State regulations. After watching, a discussion session must be organized, and the poisonous weed film is to be criticised with great flying colours, through discussion sessions, publishing critical articles in newspapers and periodicals, etc., in order to deeply and thoroughly criticise the poisonous weed film, and criticise it as stink.

V, Some work units use film criticism as an excuse to broaden the screening scope without authorization or to privately screen non-approved poisonous weed films, poisoning the people, and seeking to get advantage. These work units must be investigated, and where circumstances are grave, they must be punished.

VI, Where the above-mentioned films are stored by military screening teams, all armies, all branches and all military regions are to handle the matter according to the above principles.









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