Notice concerning Further Strengthening and Improving News Documentary and Science Education Film Work Distribution and Screening Work (Excerpts)

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I, All localities’ film screening work units are required to engage in news documentary and science education film distribution and screening work again. When film distribution departments arrange feature films for all kinds of screening work units, they shall arrange documentary films and science education films as well. For all 35mm feature films under ten reels, supplementary screening of documentary films and science education films shall be arranged, but the duration of urban cinema’s cinema screenings should not exceed two hours.

II, 35mm films containing documentaries, science education films or fine art films of five reels or more, should not be arranged in supplementary screenings, but screening work units may organize special screenings. Urban cinemas and rural screening teams’ annual special screening of short films should not be lower than about 10 percent of the total screening numbers.

III, In all large and mid-size cities, attention must be paid to rapidly restoring special cinemas for news, science education and other such short films. Attention must be paid to strengthening propaganda, strengthening experience and improving screening organization work.

IV, The proportion of screening income from documentaries and science education films is to be adjusted, and all efforts are to be undertaken to ensure that cinemas do not suffer losses through screening more documentaries and science education films. At present, screening income divisions in all localities are not uniform. In the future, where cinemas screening news documentaries and science education films, the screening income of the cinema may be adjusted upwards to sixty to eighty per cent.

V, It is suggested that all localities’ labour unions, Communist Youth Leagues and television stations organize more screenings and broadcasts of news documentaries and scientific education films.



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