Notice concerning Preventing the Performance of “Prohibited Plays”

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Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture has explicitly ordered the prohibition of 26 plays and programmes earlier, in the period from 1950 until 1952. We are given to understand that, in recent years, a few theatre troupes in some regions (including theatre troupes that have been organized without statutory formalities or authorization or some amateur theatre troupes), have still performed these plays, disseminated poison to audiences, and with a very bad influence. Against this sort of phenomenon, it is hoped that all localities adopt suitable methods to prevent this, and will not let things take their own course.

Our Ministry issued the “Notice concerning Strengthening Leadership and Management Work over Play and Quyi Performance and Programmes” in September 1979, on the basis of the situation of play and quyi performance programmes at that time, this Notice is still applicable at present, and it is hoped that all localities continue to deliberate and implement it.

From 1950 to 1952, the Ministry of Culture successively explicitly prohibited the performance of these plays:

Peking opera: “Infanticide Report”, “Haihui Monastery” (Ma Siyuan) “A Record of Two Nails” “Slippery Mountain”, “Opening the Door to a Dangerous Foe”, “Nine More Days”, “Report of Strange Things and Injustice”, “Exploring Mount Yin” (1), “Great Xiangshan”, “Guan Yu Makes His Presence Felt”, “Double Sand River”, “Capturing San Lang Alive”, “The Miser” “The Great Split on the Coffin”, “All About Zhong Kui” (of which the part of “Marrying the Little Sister” is kept)

Northeast opera: “, “Ms. Wang Goes to the Dark Side”, “Capturing the Southern Three Fu Alive”, “All About the Old Little Mother”, “Capturing Wang Kui Alive”, “A Record of the Vengeance of the Corpse”, “Preordained Fate and Beauty”, “The Strange Case of the Spirit”

Sichuan opera: “Lan Ying Thinks about His Brother”, “Zhong Kui Marries the Little Sister”

Plays of which performance in ethnic minority regions is prohibited:

“Xue Li Marches East”, “The Fifteen Tartar August Killing”, etc.



(1): The Ministry of Culture reiterated in the reply of 17 June 1986 to the Beijing Municipal and Shanghai Municipal Culture Bureau “Concerning Approving the Recommencement of Performance of the Kun opera ‘Captured Alive’ after Revision”, that the Peking operas “A Tale of Wu Pen” and “Exploring Mount Yin” are still to be dealt with on the basis of the Ministry of Culture Document No. (56)WQXZ180 “Notifying that the Performance of the Peking Opera ‘A Tale of Wu Pen’ May Recommence after Suitable Revision” of 5 October 1956 and the “Notice concerning the Permission to Recommence Performance of the Peking Opera ‘Exploring Mount Yin’ after Suitable Revision” of 10 May 1957.


京剧:《杀子报》 《海慧寺》(马思远)
《双钉记》 《滑油山》
《引狼入室》 《九更天》
《奇冤报》 《探阴山》①
《大香山》 《关公显圣》
《双沙河》 《活捉三郎》
《铁公鸡》 《大劈棺》
评剧:《黄氏女游阴》 《活捉南三复》
《全部小老妈》 《活捉王魁》
《僵尸复仇记》 《因果美报》
川剧:《兰英思兄》 《钟馗嫁妹》
《薛礼征东》 《八月十五杀鞑子》等
注① 文化部1986年6月17日给北京市、上海市文化局《关于同意昆剧〈活捉〉经整理修改后可恢复上演》的复函中,重申对京剧《乌盆计》、《探阴山》仍应按1956年10月5日文化部《为通知京剧〈乌盆计〉经适当修改后可恢复上演由》〔56〕文钱戏字第180号和19


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