Month: January 1981

Decision concerning Present Periodical, News and Broadcast Policies

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(29 January 1981)

The Centre has already decided to, on the basis of the preliminary achievements obtained in the two last years of implementing policies of adjustment, reform, rectification and improvement, conduct further adjustment of the economy, and to realize further stabilization politically. This is a further implementation of the Third Plenum’s guiding ideology of seeking truth from facts and correcting “leftist errors”, and it is a major policy decision in guaranteeing the smooth conduct of Socialist modernization construction. In order to complete this formidable task, we must strengthen ideological and political work, make the entire Party, entire Army and the people of all ethnicities in the entire country closely unite around the Party Centre, be of one heart and one mind, work diligently in spite of difficulties, and resolutely implement the Party line, principles and policies. Read the rest of this entry »