CCP Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Public Security Notice concerning Launching Activities on Civilized Manners

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All provincial, municipal and autonomous region Party Committee Propaganda Departments, education bureaus (offices), culture bureaus, health bureaus (offices) and public security offices (bureaus):

Recently, nine work units, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the All-China Women’s Federation, the Chinese Cultural Federation, the Central Patriotic Health Campaign Committee, the All-China Student Federation, the All-China Ethics Society, the Chinese Languages Association and the Chinese Nationwide Fine Arts Association, jointly issued proposals to the people of the entire country and especially minors to launch a “Five Essentials and Four Beautifuls” civilized manners activity with explaining civilization, explaining politeness, explaining hygiene, explaining order and explaining morals, and beautiful hearts, beautiful language, beautiful actions and a beautiful environment as main content. This is an important work and a concrete form of our country’s Socialist spiritual civilization. The launch of this activity has an important meaning for, during the present adjustment of the national economy, improving the relationships between people, safeguarding social security and unity, resuming and carrying forward our country’s desirable social conduct, encouraging people to overcome difficulties with one heart and one mind, to do the Four Socialist Modernizations well, and stimulate the healthy growing up of the young generations.

It shall be recognized that in the recent few years, very good effect have been achieved through conducting Communist moral education under the coordination of all levels’ Party Committee leaders and relevant departments, and that social conduct improves daily. The mental outlook of the broad masses and youth generally speaking is good and upward. But, if we want to resume the desirable social conduct that has been destroyed by the decade of chaos, more arduous efforts need to be made. This requires carrying out Communist moral education among the popular masses and especially the youth, inheriting and carrying forward the spirit of Yan’an, liberating the enterprising spirit and the Lei Feng spirit of the early days. To this end, we require all levels’ propaganda and education, culture, health, public security and other departments to vigorously support all mass organizations in launching civilized manners activities, and make them into a large matter in constructing the Socialist spiritual civilization at present, and earnestly grasp it.

First, we must grasp public opinion propaganda, and create an atmosphere that the entire society will begin discussing civilized manners. The popular masses and especially the youth must be educated to understand that civilized manners not only are a good tradition of our nation, they are also an important content of constructing the Socialist spiritual civilization. All regions may, according to the basic requirements of the “Five Essentials and  Four Beautifuls”, and starting from the real situations in those regions, formulate activity content and focus points, and progressively make the “Five Essentials and Four Beautifuls” into a work style and habit of the broad masses. All responsible persons from related sides and experts must write articles, make reports, and elaborate the meaning and requirements of civilized manners, introduce civilized manner knowledge, help the broad masses and the youth to raise understanding, clearly divide right and wrong, and abide by and implement this in their activities. Central and local newspapers, periodicals, radio stations and television stations must strengthen propaganda and reporting of civilized manners, and reward good persons and good deeds in this aspect. Education departments must list civilized manners as an important content in all schools’ ideological and political education, politics classes must lecture about moral accomplishment and aesthetic knowledge to the youth, and use school meetings and class meetings to launch education activities in this aspect in a planned manner. Culture and art leading departments must utilize literature, theatre, film, music, fine arts, quyi, dance, photography and other forms, and charge the masses’ art galleries, cultural centres (stations), theatres, film screening teams and other undertaking and enterprise work units to propagate and initiate civilized manner activities, and make “Five Essentials and Four Beautifuls” education rich and varied, vivid and vigorous. Work units subordinate to health departments and medical schools must list the “Five Essentials and Four Beautifuls” as a regular work to grasp well, and forcefully launch patriotic health propaganda, integrate health and disease prevention with doing environmental beauty well. Public security departments must grasp policemen’s’ civilized manners education, and give rein to the vigorous function of grass-roots police stations for the “Five Essentials and Four Beautifuls”.

Second, civilized manners education activities must be spread all over the entire country, but he focus point must be in cities and towns, and especially in large and middle cities. In the past two years, twelve cities, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Xi’an, Taiyuan, Shenyang and Harbin have grasped Communist moral education and already received good results, which has had a promoting function for the entire country. The twelve cities must continue their efforts, realistically do civilized manner activities well, produce results, and make examples. All provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions must also focus on grasping provincial capital and subordinate city civilized manners education, and progressively push this activity towards all towns and countries and all districts.

Civilized manners activities are mainly launched towards minors (including children and infants), and at the same time, civilized manners propaganda and education must be conducted for the broad masses. Adults and the elderly must be mobilized and relied upon to do education work of minors, especially cadres, teachers, actors, policemen, medial personnel, shop personnel, service personnel as well as household heads must set examples, and influence minors with their own civilized manners. Communist Party members and Communist Youth League members must set exemplary models and pioneering examples.


Third, Launching civilized manner activities must start from the reality of all trades and all businesses, making activities more concretized and regularized. Civilized manners activities must be conducted together with activities on Lei Feng, new trends and learning from advanced persons, and together with greening the motherland, and beautifying home town activities, as well as patriotic health activities, guiding the broad masses and the youth to contribute to constructing civilized, clean and beautiful cities and home towns. All localities’ primary schools “Striving for a New Wind of Little Red Flowers” activities and higher and secondary school “Learning From Lei Feng, Achieving the Three Goods” and “New Trends in Three Rooms, One Building and One Dormitory” (Classrooms, dining rooms and meeting rooms, libraries, and dormitories) activities, factory and mining enterprises’ “Observing Discipline and the Law, Producing in a Civilized Manner” activities, activities of “Civilized Business, Treating Customers Politely” in the service sectors and neighbourhood “Civilized Manners Home” activities are all important contents of civilized manners activities.


Fourth, launching civilized manners activities must be closely coordinated with strengthening city management, rectifying public order, city appearance and doing social order well. Town and country health must be done well, and especially health in public entertainment venues and tourist venues,  basic health construction must be conducted in a planned manner, systems established and management strengthened. All cities may also formulate effective civilized manner pledges, regulations, systems and rules in a manner suitable to local conditions, and require the popular masses to jointly obey them, and integrate giving first place to education with the necessary systemic control. Student regulations must be implemented continuously, and all sorts of enterprises, undertakings, service sectors, professionals and the People’s Police shall, on the basis of the characteristics of their sector and profession, conclude moral codes of conduct, incessantly perfect and raise them, and progressively let them become a conscious action.


Article 5: Civilized manners activities must be done well with a spirit of “comprehensive administration” and methods of “comprehensive arrangement”, “dividing work and coordination”. Under the unified leadership of all levels’ Party Committees, all relevant departments must mutually coordinate and cooperate. Propaganda, education, culture, health, public security and other departments must, on the basis of the scope of duties of each, respectively grasp the work they should undertake, and stress giving rein to the function of mass organizations. All localities’ youth education joint offices must frequently grasp situations, exchange experiences and promote the launching of activities.


Our county and nation have been praised as a “nation of decorum” throughout history. During Socialist modernization construction, we must inherit and carry forward the excellent traditions of the Chinese nation, construct a high-level Socialist spiritual civilization. In the New Year, the broad masses and youth must be mobilized to establish a new wind of civilization, politeness, health, order and morals, and under the correct leadership of the Party Centre, struggle diligently to realize economic adjustment and social stability!


Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Security

28 February 1981












中宣部 教育部 文化部

卫生部 公安部



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