Month: July 1981

Talks concerning Issues on the Ideological Front

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Deng Xiaoping

17 July 1981

Recently, I have discussed with Comrade Hu Yaobang, that we must call the Propaganda Department to talk about problems on the ideological front, and especially problems in literature and art. The Party’s leadership over the ideological front and the literature and art front has clear achievements, this must be confirmed. Some tendencies of simplification and crudeness also exist in the work, this can also not be denied or overlooked. But at present, the problem requiring even more attention, I believe, lies in the existence of lax and weak attitudes, not daring to criticize erroneous tendencies, and as soon as there is criticism, people say it is persecution. Now, launching criticism is not easy for us, self-criticism is even less easy. One of the Party’s three main work styles is self-criticism, this is one of the main symbols distinguishing us from other parties, but, where a lot of people are concerned, this is very hard to achieve. Read the rest of this entry »