State Publishing Bureau Notice concerning Safeguarding Publishers’ Publishing Rights

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30 August 1981

Since last years, it has happened many times that some publishers wilfully reprinted other publishers’ books, or typeset and printed them by themselves with some small revisions. This sort of method infringing publishing rights violates our country’s publishing practice, and not only creates disorder in publishing work, and leads to disputes among publishing work unit, but it even influences book quality. This sort of irregular phenomenon in publishing circles should attract attention. In order to protect the publishing rights of publishers, the State Council document “Reports concerning Preventing Excessive Compilation and Printing of Books and Periodicals and Strengthening Publishing Management Work” and our Bureau’s “Provisional Book Rent (Supply) Type Stock Production Work Regulations”, have made rules in this regard, apart from the necessary reiteration of the provisions of the above documents, the following is also notified:

I, Domestic publishers enjoy the right of publication of the books they publish on the basis of the agreement between writer and editor, without the authorization of the original publisher, other publishers do not have the right to reprint these, and may also not typeset and print them after revision (not including abridged editions) or making superficial changes without authorization.

II, Where writers and translators have already licensed a manuscript with a publisher, other publishers may not use raising manuscript fee standards, duplicate fee payment and other irregular methods to typeset and publish it separately.

III, Publishers who wilfully reprint books, and infringe the rights of the original publisher must make a serious self-criticism, and compensate the damage of the original publisher: reprinted books are to be dealt with as rent-type books, and are to be delivered at a rent-type fee of the original rent-type fee stipulated by the original publisher plus 50%; the paper and plates used are to be handed over to the original publisher without compensation.

All publishers are requested to earnestly implement the above provisions. All publishers where reprinting of books occurred after the publication of the State Council document, should, according to the spirit of these provisions, self-criticize towards the original publisher, and discuss arrangements and methods.








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