State Council Notice Endorsing the State Publishing Bureau Report on Trial Rules on Strengthening Foreign Cooperative Publishing Management

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12 October 1981

Hereby, the State Publishing Bureau “Report Concerning Issuing the Trial Regulations on Strengthening Foreign Cooperative Publishing Management” and the “Trial Regulations on Strengthening Foreign Cooperative Management are hereby issued to you, please implement them.

Report Concerning Issuing the Trial Regulations on Strengthening Foreign Cooperative Publishing Management

Since 1979, a part of our country’s publishers have begun to publish books and periodicals in cooperation with foreign publishing companies. In June of last year, after the State Council and the Central Propaganda Department approved the State Publishing Bureau “Report Concerning Strengthening Foreign Cooperative Publishing“, there have been new developments in foreign cooperative publishing work.

At present, there are already more than 40 publishers in our country that have concluded more than 120 contracts with more than 70 publishing companies in 20 countries: Japan, Yugoslavia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, West Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore and the Hong Kong region, and plan to publish more than 400 cooperative books, the main forms are that our country’s publishers are responsible for editing, and the foreign publisher is responsible for publishing and distribution. Manuscript content involves Sino-foreign language reference books, textbooks, science and technology, agriculture, medicine, sports, fine arts, cultural heritage, tourism, cooking, light industry, architecture and other aspects. Among those, more than 20 books and periodicals have been published and developed. These books and periodicals have healthy ideological content, vivid forms of expression, novel layout and design, and have received the welcome of foreign readers.

In order to summarize exchange experience, strengthen leadership and management over foreign cooperative publishing work, we convened a nationwide foreign cooperative publishing work conference in May 1981 in Chengdu.

The conference pointed out that, since two years, the development and achievements obtained in two years of foreign publishing cooperation prove that: launching foreign cooperative publishing may utilize  foreign publishing companies’ printing and publishing conditions and distribution channels, publishing and distributing books and periodicals we edited in the entire world may strengthen foreign-aimed propaganda and cultural exchange and expand our country’s influence; at the same time, it may protect the copyright of a part of our country’s work and increase foreign exchange income for the country; it may also attract foreign advanced publishing, printing and photography technology and editing work experience, improving our country’s publishing work.

The conference believes that, in view of the fact that we still lack experience, foreign cooperative publishing at present shall adopt a steady advance policy. All publishers must plan matters considering all factors, plan completely, and under the conditions of publishing more books and better books domestically, according to their own publishing policies and scopes, progressively launch foreign cooperative publishing work.

In order to adapt to the requirements of foreign cooperative publishing, the conference requires that publishers having cooperative publishing tasks must pay attention to select and foster foreign language cadres who are well acquainted with the publishing business, and in the next three to five years, every publisher shall be provided with three to five foreign language cadres, large publishers shall have a few more.

The conference also discussed and formulated the “Trial Regulations on Strengthening Foreign Cooperative Publishing Management”, these are hereby delivered, please examine and approve them at the same time. If it is believed that these are feasible, we hope that these are endorsed for nationwide implementation.

Trial Regulations on Strengthening Foreign Cooperative Publishing Management

In order to strengthen leadership and management over foreign cooperative publishing work, these regulations are formulated.

I, Foreign cooperative publishing must conform to our country’s foreign relations policies and foreign principles, benefit strengthening foreign propaganda and cultural exchange; may not damage our sovereignty and the national interest; and must strictly abide by regulations relating to the protection of State secrets.

II, Foreign cooperative publishing shall pay attention to understanding the situation of the international book market, safeguard the rights and interests of our country’s writers and publishers, and on the basis of mutual interest, gain some economic profit.

III, Determination of foreign cooperation programmes, must happen according to one’s own conditions and characteristics, conform to the publishing policies and publishing scope of the publisher.

IV, Foreign cooperative publishing programmes shall be determined through full consultation by both sides. Cooperative book and publishing editing principles, manuscript content as well as final manuscripts must all be agreed upon by our side. All manuscripts examined and approved by or side, without the agreement of our side, may not be modified or changed by the counterpart without authorization. Pictures selected for cooperative publishing of photographic albums or other books and publications introducing the situation of our country, shall generally be provided by our side, and the method that the counterpart sends people to make photographs or where both sides make photographs together should not be adopted.

V, Cooperative publishing of manuscripts aimed at readers in our country, with foreign editors, shall be urgently needed by our country, and when necessary, modification and revision shall be conducted according to the situation of our country, all efforts must be made at the economic level to achieve that no foreign currency is used to pay due gains to the counterpart.

VI, Foreign cooperative publishing can only be conducted by officially State-approved publishers. Any non-publishing work unit or individual, may not conduct cooperative publishing with the outside world. Without agreement of the original publisher, no publisher may publish the books or periodicals of other publishers in cooperation with the outside world, for manuscripts planned for cooperative publishing with the outside world, publishers shall agreement of the original writer or the original editing work unit in advance.

VII, Publishers may directly negotiate about cooperative publishing work with the outside world, and may also entrust State-approved specialist companies engaging in foreign cooperative publishing business or reliable foreign agents to conduct them.

VIII, Publishing work units conducting cooperative publishing with us, shall be friendly to us and have reliable prestige and funds, no contracts may be concluded with foreign businesses of which the situation is not clear.

IX, In order to clarify the rights and obligations of both sides, in every cooperation programme, a contract for a certain time limit shall be concluded. Concerning copyright ownership, where one side transfers or permits the other side to use publishing and distribution rights or other rights, the quantity of remuneration to be paid, methods and periods shall be provided item by item in the contract. In all cases where our side provides manuscripts or pictures, without the agreement of our side, the counterpart may not transfer copyright, may not expand the use rights and may not expand the distribution areas.

X, To determine foreign cooperative publishing programmes, according to different situations, the examination and approval formalities to be implemented are:

For all publications that have already been openly published domestically, central first-level publishers, on the basis of the decision of the publishers themselves, report to the higher-level controlling department for filing, local publishers report to the provincial, municipal or autonomous region publishing bureau for examination and approval;

For all publications that have not yet been published domestically. central first-level publishers report to the higher-level controlling department for examination and approval, local publishers report to the provincial, municipal or autonomous region People’s Government for examination or approval. Where content involves nationwide large-scale encyclopaediae, agreement from the State Publishing Bureau shall be obtained in advance;

All manuscripts involving major Party and State policies or foreign relations policies, Party and State leaders’ works or biographies, after countersigning by the State Publishing Bureau, must be reported to the State Council or the Centre for examination and approval;

Publications taking photographs of and using important cultural relics and other treasures, or involving national boundary maps, shall be strictly handled according to relevant State regulations.

All foreign-oriented cooperative publishing submission reports, Sino-foreign language contracts (or letters of agreement) and specimens shall be reported to the State Publishing Bureau for filing.

XI, Controlling departments shall simplify examination and approval procedures and provide conveniences for personnel necessary to launch foreign cooperative publishing to have contact with the outside world, in order to benefit the smooth implementation of the contract.

XII, For cooperatively published books and periodicals, remuneration shall be paid to the writers according to their respective circumstances and according to present domestic remuneration payment systems:

For manuscripts published for the first time, a remuneration slightly higher than domestic manuscript remuneration standards may be paid;

For use of manuscripts already published domestically, suitable remuneration may also be paid, generally, this will not exceed 60% of the basic remuneration rate;

Fur use of foreigners’ works, a remuneration slightly higher than domestic writers’ manuscript remuneration may be paid.

The abovementioned remuneration is to be paid in Renminbi, in very few exceptional cases, where foreign currency must be paid, with the approval of the higher-level controlling department, it will be paid from the foreign currency income of that work unit.

XIII, All publishers must carry forward a Socialist style of cooperation between them in foreign cooperative publishing work, pay attention to communicate circumstances, coordinate foreign matters, in case of differences of contradictions, they will be resolved through internal consultation or by reporting them to higher-level organs for harmonization.

XIV, In foreign exchange, foreign affairs discipline must be strictly obeyed, the honour of the nation and the prestige of the country must be safeguarded.


(一九八一年十月十二日 (81)国发字第153号)



一九七九年以来, 我国部分出版社开始同国外出版公司合作出版书刊。 去年六月,国务院和中央宣传部批准国家出版局《关于加强同国外合作出版的报告》以后,对外合作出版业务有了新的发展。
目前, 我国已有四十多家出版社同日本、 南斯拉夫、美国、英国、法国、西德、意大利、瑞士、澳大利亚、新加坡等十二个国家和港澳地区的七十多家出版公司,签订了一百二十多项合同,计划合作出版书刊四百余种,主要形式是由我国出版社负责编辑,由外国出版社负责印刷发行。书稿内容涉及中外语文工具书、教科书、科学技术、农业、医药、体育、 美术、文物、旅游、烹调、轻工、建筑等方面。其中已经出版发行的书刊有二十余种。这些书刊,思想内容健康,表现形式活泼,装帧设计新颖,受到国外读者欢迎。
为了总结交流经验, 加强对外合作出版工作的领导与管理, 我们于一九八一年五月在成都召开了全国对外合作出版工作座谈会。
会议指出, 两年来对外合作出版的发展和取得的成绩证明:开展对外合作出版, 可以利用国外出版公司的印刷出版条件和发行渠道,在全世界出版发行我们编写的书刊,加强对外宣传和文化交流,扩大我国的影响;同时可以保护我国部分作品的版权和为国家增加外汇收入;也可以吸取国外先进的出版、印刷、摄影技术和编辑工作经验,改进我国的出版工作。
会议认为, 鉴于我们还缺乏经验, 对外合作出版目前应当采取稳步前进的方针。各个出版社要统筹兼顾、全面规划,在为国内多出书、出好书的条件下,按照自己的出书方针与范围,逐步地开展对外合作出版工作。
为了适应对外合作出版的需要, 会议要求有合作出版任务的出版社要注意选拔、 培养熟悉出版业务的外语干部,在今后三、五年内,每个出版社应当配备三、五名外语干部,大的出版社还应多一些。





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