Month: February 1982

CCP Central Committee and State Council Regulations on Strict Prohibition of Import, Duplication, Sale and Broadcast of Reactionary, Pornographic and Obscene Audio and Video Products

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(27 February 1982)

In recent years, all sorts of foreign audio and video products (including records, boxed recorded audio tapes and video tapes) have entered the country through many channels, amongst these there are many having content that is pornographic, obscene and even reactionary. The circulation of these audio and video products, gravely corrupts the thoughts of cadres and the public, especially the young, and utterly damages the construction of our socialist spiritual civilization. Especially gravely is that, in this sort of audio and video products, except for products entering in from abroad, there are also some domestic work units and individuals who duplicate and copy without authorization, or some work units that cooperate with foreign businesses to duplicate, produce and sell inland. Read the rest of this entry »