CCP Central Committee and State Council Regulations on Strict Prohibition of Import, Duplication, Sale and Broadcast of Reactionary, Pornographic and Obscene Audio and Video Products

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(27 February 1982)

In recent years, all sorts of foreign audio and video products (including records, boxed recorded audio tapes and video tapes) have entered the country through many channels, amongst these there are many having content that is pornographic, obscene and even reactionary. The circulation of these audio and video products, gravely corrupts the thoughts of cadres and the public, especially the young, and utterly damages the construction of our socialist spiritual civilization. Especially gravely is that, in this sort of audio and video products, except for products entering in from abroad, there are also some domestic work units and individuals who duplicate and copy without authorization, or some work units that cooperate with foreign businesses to duplicate, produce and sell inland.

In order to resolutely stop the circulation of this sort of harmful audio and video products, the following Regulations are formulated:

1, Import management of audio and video products is strictly strengthened. Literature and art records, boxed recorded audio tapes and video tapes from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and abroad, may without exception be imported and sold on the market as commercial products.

Foreign audio and video products especially needed by work unit disciplines such as scientific research, culture and education, military affairs, etc., are to be imported respectively by all central controlling ministries and bodies or handled through China Book Import Company, for internal purchasing. But importing pornographic and obscene products under false pretences must be strictly forbidden, where there are violations, political, organizational and legal liability must be borne by its controlling body, and there will be strict punishment. Foreign audio and video products for regular radio or television broadcast, shall be without exception imported by the Central Broadcast Sector Bureau, if import control is not strict, and pornographic and obscene products are secretly smuggled in, there will equally be strict punishment.

2, All audio and video products of which content is reactionary and pornographic or obscene, any work unit and individual may not openly or secretly sell, duplicate, rent, copy for guests and broadcast them, and may also not record or relay this sort of programme from foreign television or radio, and solicit an audience.

3, Customs of all localities must realistically strengthen inspection work. All records, recorded audio tapes and video tapes personally carried into the borders and originating from other channels, where reactionary, pornographic or obscene content is discovered, will be confiscated without exception according to Customs regulations, where circumstances are serious, fines will be imposed, and the higher authority discipline committee and party committee of the work unit importing this sort of products will be informed to invest.

4, Work units importing foreign audio and video material, shall appoint special personnel to engage in examination of imported audio and video products. All instances where abovementioned harmful audio and video products are discovered shall without exception be sealed or destroyed.

5, Any work unit and individual may not lend audio and video products and films containing reactionary, pornographic or obscene content to foreign embassies in China and other organs or personnel in China. This matter, has already been clearly forbidden by the Centre, when this sort of situation arises (including situation having arisen in the past), any Party organization and Party member having knowledge, must immediately expose this to the higher-level Party Discipline Commission, in order to strictly investigate and prosecute it.

6, Foreign audio and video products are not all pornographic and obscene, those parts that are healthy, proper, or, although it is only entertainment, but do not contain vulgar tastes, must be extended different treatment to, and cannot be prohibited without exception. In order to satisfy the widespread need of culture and art workers and the masses for enjoyment and learning from foreign culture and art programmes, stimulate the cultural exchange between peoples of all countries, foreign audio and video art products, will be selectively published by State-appointed audiovisual publishing work units, or in a planned fashion select a number of records, recorded audio tapes and video tapes, to function as reference material for internal distribution. Non-State designated audiovisual publishing work units, without exception may not conduct the abovementioned business, those that now still conduct it are prohibited to continue operations without exceptions, in order to block leaks of continuous circulation of pornographic and obscene products

7, Factories producing records, recorded audio tapes and video tapes, using remaining production capacity to engage in processing work of records, recorded audio tapes and video tapes for foreign businesses, must be examined and approved by the provincial-level or higher controlling body. All audio and video products of which the content is reactionary, pornographic or obscene, of which there is no proof of copyright, without exception may not be processed. Processed products are only allowed to be sold abroad, and without exception are not allowed to be sold domestically or be handled in any other illegal way (including projection, copying, presenting as a gift, etc.), all remaining specimen files must be strictly sealed and reported to the higher-level discipline committee and party committee for filing.

8, Publication and distribution work of audio and video products, has been entrusted by the State to the Central Broadcast Sector Bureau for specialized management, relevant specialist Central Broadcast Sector Bureau, when exhibiting conduct violating these Regulations, will be accorded heavier punishment.

9, From the day of promulgation of these Regulations, all those engaging in activities such as import, duplication production, sale, etc. of the abovementioned audiovisual products not in conformity with these Regulations, shall without exception be punished, and liability shall be investigated for all his past mistakes one by one, petitioned to the higher-level discipline committee and Party committee punish the respective circumstances, rule-breaking may not be hidden, in order to set clear examples. Unsold audio and video products with harmful content, will without exception be demagnetized, destroyed or sealed under higher-level supervision. Concerning abovementioned products scattered around a society, the masses shall be mobilized, through education, to make the holders to hand those over or destroy them of their own accord. All broadcast sector bureaus administrative industry and commerce management entities, public security, and culture and education entities and Customs of all localities, shall earnestly carry out inspection, all those violating these Regulations, shall be strictly punished without exception according to the law.

10, These Regulations shall be propagated among the masses. State cadres, Party members and Youth League members must pioneer in observing and checking on each other, and mobilize powers from all aspects of society to supervise and examine the implementation of these Regulations. Party members and cadres violating these Regulations, apart from punishment according to the law, shall also be strictly punished according to Party discipline rules. Party members and cadres concealing knowledge shall also receive disciplinary sanctions.

Concerning the implementation situation of these Regulations, all provincial, municipal and autonomous region Party committees are requested to report to the Centre before the end of May.
















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