CCP Central Discipline Inspection Committee and Ministry of Public Security Jointly Announce Five Regulations on Suppressing Reactionary, Pornographic and Obscene Audio and Video Products to Relevant Work Units in Beijing (Excerpts)

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The Central Discipline Inspection Committee and the Ministry of Public Security jointly convened a conference in Beijing on 10 April, in order to determinedly implement the “CCP Central Committee and State Council Regulations on Strict Prohibition of Import, Duplication, Sale and Broadcast of Reactionary, Pornographic and Obscene Audio and Video Products”, and announced five regulations on strictly prohibiting import, reproduction, sale and broadcast of reactionary, pornographic and obscene audio and video products, which require all departments and work units in the capital to realistically implement them.


I, No Party member or cadre, including non-Party work personnel in State organs may without exception permit the screening and viewing of perverse and pornographic films, video tapes, images and books, and may also not permit reproduction, rental, borrowing, dissemination and preservation of these things.


II, All these things, including reactionary, pornographic and obscene audio, video, images, books, playing cards, etc., must be completely submitted within 10 days to the public security departments. Also, no television stations may display this sort of thing in reporting scenes.


III, If they are not submitted within 10 days, and it is found out afterwards, the Party Committee secretary, administrative leader and relevant cadres of the work unit concerned must all be subject to punishment under Party discipline, army discipline or government discipline, and even expelled from Party membership. Those violating criminal law, must be sentenced by the judicial organs.


IV, All hotels, guesthouses, hostels and television stations may not use “the needs of foreign visitors” as an excuse to conceal this sort of thing and not hand them over. It must be clearly told to foreign tourists that: within Chinese borders, it is absolutely not permitted to display these things.


V, All Party members know that those concealing these things and not submitting them, or screening or disseminating these things, must be exposed and reported to public security organs or discipline inspection departments, those knowing of it and not reporting it, must also be subject to disciplinary punishment.

















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